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    Quote Originally Posted by zacksmith View Post
    i've finally switched to rebug 4.21. a couple of question, i thought this had FTP built in?

    I can't find the feature, also on blackbox FTP, a load of my directorys show "failed to load directory"
    The FTP is on the REBUG Toolbox, which you have to install from the supplied PKG (it's on the first post as well).

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    can i use the REBUG_3.55.3_999_DGR_PS3UPDAT.PUP for downgrading when im on rogero 4.30 CFW? or should i use the rogero's downgrader ??....

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhaoyun123 View Post
    can i use the REBUG_3.55.3_999_DGR_PS3UPDAT.PUP for downgrading when im on rogero 4.30 CFW? or should i use the rogero's downgrader ??....
    I used 999, following the instructions found on one of the posts on the 5th page or so. To summarize:

    Start on Rogero 4.30 -> 999 from XMB -> Install Rebug Toolbox, run it and toggle QA on (if it isn't. If you are on 4.30 Rogero you probably already toggled it, but just make sure) -> Rebug REX 3.55.3 from XMB -> Rebug REX 4.21 from XMB.

    I never used Recovery Mode for any of these steps, as instructed.

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    any reason for that? "failed to load directory"

    when trying to browse "home" folder.

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    so means the 999 from XMB that REBUG_3.55.3_999_DGR_PS3UPDAT.PUP then run from the XMB? when will the rebug tool box came out? is it after i run the 999? i dont have a toggled QA though after i install the roger 4.30 CFW cause i was on REBUG 3.55.2 last time then convert to Rogero 4.30 CFW

    when i was try to install the toggle QA while in rogero 4.30 CFW it gives me errors...

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    any bricks to report?

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    no problems here:

    4.21 rogero > 999 downgrader (XMB) > 3.55 rebug (XMB) > 4.21 rebug (XMB)

    also created my dex flash and tested it, working perfectly. i would suggest anyone who might use CEX2DEX feature, grab your eid root key and maybe IDPS whilst on 3.55

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    phew success!!

    4.30 Rogero CFW >> use 999 Downgrader from XMB (Success!) >> Install Rogero Toolbox after downgrade and enable the Toggle QA (Success!) >> Install the 3.55.3 REX in recovery (Success!) >> install the 4.21.1 REX from XMB (Success!)

    i install in 3.55.3 REX in recovery cause when i tried in the XMB it says data corrupt then tried in the recovery mode it works (weird ) well its all SUCCESS to me ^^b thx REBUG

    well its nice i have it successful install, but my save of my kidou senshi is gone or resetted, all of the achievements in the game are gone >.<
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    I forgot to ask but can we now install updates without them being fixed?

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    yes, updates work. playing mgs4 with latest trophy update. no fix required.

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