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    niwakun Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eric994 View Post
    i don't want to sound supid but with this 999 downgrader ican update to any cfw or mfw without being worried right!!?
    yes, the 9.99 Syscon Version will trick any CFW (4.21 or 4.30 Rogero for example) to be installed on the top on it without going through Recovery Menu

    The installation will go like this:

    If you're under 3.55 CFW/OFW, just update directly to 4.21.1REX

    If you're under 4.xx CFW like Rogero or E3, you need to do this:
    • Install 999 REX downgrader through XMB
    • Once downgrader installed install REBUG toolbox and run it
    • Go over the far right side, Enable QA (*this is required)
    • Now install REX 3.55.3 over XMB
    • Once REX 3.55.3 is installed, now install REX 4.21.1
    • Job well done! Welcome to REX 4.21.1

    If you under Debug Firmware, you need to convert back to CEX first and activate QA then turn on Debug Update, after that, install REX 4.21.1 under XMB.

    Quote Originally Posted by mahidi View Post
    is this CFW only for CEX users??
    yes, only for CEX users, DEX converted consoles need to go back to CEX first.

  2. #102
    bigvern1979 Guest
    can you launch game's from an app home kind of thing as my bd drive broken and would like to install this but don't want to install and not be able to launch any of my games home. someone can help me?

  3. #103
    yllan Guest
    Superb work, thank you for this good news

  4. #104
    Tiduss77 Guest
    One question to people who install this: OTHER TOOLBOX FEATURES:

    L3 changes clock/temperature display

    This feature working in game?after enter PS button?

    Or only in XMB

    Thanks for answer

  5. #105
    zacksmith Guest
    any advice? im currently on 4.21 rogero i'm wanting to go to 4.21REX

    will i be fine updating to the 999 downgrader, then to 4.21 rex? i tried to toggle QA flag but the button combo isnt working

    when is it needed to enable QA flag?

  6. #106
    G Sus Guest
    you should be fine with the .999 downgrader i only had those problems because i done a lot of wrong stuff going from 3.55 to 4.21 to 4.30 e3

    and when trying the toggle QA combo make sure you remember to be on the network settings option

  7. #107
    zacksmith Guest
    thanks, im gonna update to it shortly

    has anyone tried the CEX2DEX function yet in this cfw?

  8. #108
    JOshISPoser Guest
    when i start playing newer games now, i don't think i'll be too useful to this forum

    i knew something like this would come up

  9. #109
    G Sus Guest
    i noticed not all games work on rebug nfs most wanted worked fine from e3. but in rebug it wont even work from original game disk.

    shame e3 had bugs in it cos its compatability was brilliant, looks like i'm gonna have to go looking for fixes for some games.

  10. #110
    vrobec Guest
    I'm on latest dongle CFW, and want to upgrade to REX CFW 4.21. Should I do it directly or have to do anything else before?


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