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  1. #91
    bitsbubba Guest
    zhaoyun123 yes (safer) and yes (patches are there)

  2. #92
    niwakun Guest
    Installing latest 4.21RFW (REBUG Firmware) will not need Recovery menu, installation was done all through XMB, certified 0% brick unless you were dumb enough or unlucky to brick your console.

    Also, about activation stuff on PSN (AKA, Reactpsn) will be manual now, unless someone rewrite the code for reactpsn to work on 4.21CFW, but there's still a way to do it and it's easy:

    * Assuming you have 4.21RFW installed and REBUG Toolbox installed.
    • Run REBUG toolbox, enable REBUG Mode and exit (console will restart)
    • Create a new dedicated user account on PS3. Then register to PSN.
    • Download something on PSN that requires activation
    • Tip: if US account, download Uncharted 2 DLC (it's free BTW) or if Japan account, download Akiba Strip Dynamic Theme (it's free too)
    • Now you have act.dat residing on your exdata of your current account home folder
    • Now go ftp and browse over >> dev_hdd0/home/00000XXX/exdata
    • Tip: the XXX is replacedby any number, just browse over the account who had the current exdata folder with act.dat on it
    • Backup your precious act.dat somewhere it wont lost, you can use this in the future to pirate PSN Stuff *har
    • Now dump your IDPS, you will need that also (im not going to tackle about this google it people.)
    • Now your ready, use the raps file you downloaded over warez sites, convert those files using rap2rif and using the unique files on your console, the IDPS and act.dat you can now activate PSN/DLC/PS1/PS2/Minis stuf
    • Tip: make sure that the name of the rif file is same with the rap file like
    • RAP: EP4313-NPEP00087_00-TLEVIATHAN000001.rap
    • RIF: EP4313-NPEP00087_00-TLEVIATHAN000001.rif
    • Now on transfer it on your PS3 via FTP or something feasible to transfer the rif file to exdata, where you get the act.dat earlier.
    • Enjoy free PSN stuff.. ahoy!!

  3. #93
    BluRay Guest
    I just knew Rebug would get back to the scene with another CFW, and not only that, but also a bunch of new features giving us more reasons to update. Tested and It's working btw, Rebug stuff are always amazing.

    I'll soon try ReActPSN on this, but If you're really worried about compatibility, you might as well stick to 3.55.3 as It can do pretty much everything 4.21 does.

  4. #94
    pschip Guest
    I'm also on rogero 4.3 and i want to know what to do to change to rebug rex. thanks

  5. #95
    zacksmith Guest
    from xmb, update using the 999 downgrader, set QA flag and then same again with the 4.21 rex

    anyone on 4.21rex ? how is game compatibility with multiman. I get quite a few games which simply dont work on rogero, or give error code 80010009.


  6. #96
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    zhaoyun123 yes (safer) and yes (patches are there)
    if patches are there meaning the ReAcTPSN will work???..... and if i want to downgrade again from 4.30 CFW, which would i use? the REBUG 3.55.3 DGR PS3DAT.PUP or the one from rogero 3.55???

  7. #97
    eric994 Guest
    i don't want to sound supid but with this 999 downgrader ican update to any cfw or mfw without being worried right!!?

  8. #98
    G Sus Guest
    do i have to convert my dex console back to cex first , then install rebug then install pkg manager and then use rebug to switch back to dex
    or can i just install it straight into dex.

  9. #99
    mahidi Guest
    is this CFW only for CEX users??

  10. #100
    akimazaki Guest
    directly can install on dex... it for cex and dex

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