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    Apr 2005

    ReActPSN v3.15 with Fixed PS3 CFW 4.60 Custom Firmware Support

    Following up on his previous revisions, ReActPSN has now been updated to version 3.15 from PlayStation 3 developer reactpsn (originally by Chinese developer ccregame) which now includes fixed PS3 CFW 4.60 Custom Firmware support and more as outlined below.

    Download: reActPSN v3.15.rar

    ReActPSN v3.15 Changelog:
    • Fixed CFW4.60 new crash bug when connected some USB storage.
    • Added support backup games from internal folder GAMEZ.
    • Fixed CFW4.60 DLC 0x80010038 error.
    • Added support DEX4.55 CFW4.60.

    ReActPSN V3.15 Quick Start Guide:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Byeollin Guest
    Thank you very much this is really helping me a lot

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    boxbundy Guest

    psnstuff db

    Can anyone tell me how often the psnstuff database gets updated on the server? Is it only updated with each new release, is it regular, is it periodic. Will it sync every time you open the application etc?

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    hishamage Guest
    db is the data base, where it holds all the games (download link or something), and it updates sometimes, probably when a new release or when people submit new releases to the server

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    Apr 2005

    PSNStuff v3.00 By Sinsizer / LoOzers Arrives, Goes Open Source

    Following up on the previous update, today PSNStuff v3.00 is released by Sinsizer (initially by LoOzers) and is finally going open source with details below.

    Download: psnstuff.zip / PSNStuff v3.0.0 (Compiled for WinXP) by Dasanko

    To quote: This is the last update. Server will be shutdown within the next weeks (Because it wastes my energy and bandwidth. Also the guy who was maintaining the db doesn't have time anymore). The tool will be released with sourcecode.

    It was used to store fingerprints like this: 643C-0F84-F0F3-7990-F88C-133E-9423-62A0. The tool was calculating hashs of this type, based on hardware ID's, to reliably identify machines. In case someone would have started flooding via submit, I could have banned the machine.

    I also forget to mention that I've removed the vm restrictions. So the tool can be run in virtual machines again.

    • removed the whole encryption (the db is only packed with gzip)
    • removed rap button timeout

    For future use I would recommend someone puts in an edit button, and writes a small windows service to share the db via p2p (still requires a server to forward ip's and to keep the chat up).

    As promised the last raw submits that have been submitted since the last db update: pastebin.com/Y5KT9ar7

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And the server-side php script: pastebin.com/2bu3YMZA

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    boxbundy Guest
    thanks heaps. shame it's ending

  7. #227
    tmt Guest
    thank you

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    XxUnkn0wnxX Guest
    might start running this along site our site but cannot seem to get the submit and update scripts..

    here the current break down of the files the tool currently uses:


    sin.spdns.eu - (htaccess redirect) boerse.bz






    + i would add section to content list instead of just psn link and rap sheet download, i would add cracked edat or cracked DLC pkg links

    make things easier for people who prefer data transfer and so on.. all in one place all DLC cracks in one tool, maybe also add game mods and so on later on if any one is willing to take it that far.

    An AIO PS3 Essentials ToolKit (For Mods And Cracked DLC)
    Save Re signer & Editor
    Eboot, Other Misc Modding features.
    Raps, DLC Links, Edats, Cracked AIO PKG DLC Links...

    with better GUI and easier interface, polished and professional. making submission easy for users.

    here just some idea's that might be useful..


    Auto Detection Of Spam
    Auto Detection Of Duplicates
    All Submissions must be manually approved by Admin. all Submissions listed in a Admin Panel easy to read through the data for admin to verify and then either delete or approve the submission.
    Give Users to select existing content and just add extra links to it such as cracked edat's, Instructions, Crack PKG DLC Links and so on.. (but all still needs to be approved my Admin Manually..)

    Admin Panel:
    Polished Easy to Use GUI
    Smart Navigation with self sorting and listing (labels the submission on depending if it is a new full submission or a add one to an existing submission)

    ^ all of this can be automated with the submitions and let the system decide how to handle them but i recon that would take more work..

  9. #229
    boxbundy Guest
    I'm still only reading the previous database. Can someone please explain how to read the latest in the psnstuff ap.

    Anyone know how to read the new db? its not working for me

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    ReActPSN v3.16 PS3 Application Updated, Adds PS3 CFW 4.65 Support

    Following up on his previous revisions, ReActPSN has now been updated to version 3.16 from PlayStation 3 developer reactpsn (originally by Chinese developer ccregame) which now includes PS3 CFW 4.65 Custom Firmware support and more as outlined below.

    Download: reActPSN_v3.16.rar / reActPSN v3.16 (Mirror)

    ReActPSN v3.16 Changelog:
    • Added support CFW4.65.
    • Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directoy games.

    ReActPSN V3.16 Quick Start Guide:

    Basic function: Create aa user and run reActPSN to generate PSN license from USB/exdata.
    Button controls: [X] = pressing and holding X button for 6 seconds when launching reActPSN.
    [L1] Reinstall RAPs&EDATs from USB0/exdata or USB1/exdata folder.
    [L2] Backup RAPs&EDATs to USB/reActPSN/pubPSN/rapxxxedatxxx.zip.
    [R1] Backup reg&rif&edat to USB/reActPSN/BKxxxx.zip.
    [R2] Backup full fixed NPD files to /USB/reActPSN/FixedPSN.
    [O] Fix PSone/PSPminis/THEME & generate C00 activation edat license.
    [X] Batch installs PS2 ISO from USBorHDD/PS2ISO. Flawlessly same as PSN pkg install.
    [∆] Fix PSN retail to free.stage1:fix all eboot and start hook,play,stage2:fix sprx edat etc.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ, output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [∆+R2] Fix PSN and make all NPD FIX pkg to USB/. same as PSN crack patch.
    [R2+L2] Make only 'Fixedby reActPSN' NPD FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R2+L1] Make all files FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [R1+L2] Make retail NPDRM files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R1+L1] Make retail all files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [RIGHT] 8 seconds CEX2DEX&DEX2CEX.
    [DOWN] Patch VSH to run reActPSN2.0 and enable screen shoot.
    [LEFT] Disable/Enable all users rif license(remove/restore act.dat).

    BDloader functions: Install and run any BDloader,after one KEY 18 secondes, play BD games.
    [∆] BD games unloader.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ,output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [L1] Forced downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20. Dont forget install bubble pkg.
    [LEFT] Delete current user's all games Trophy.

    BDselector functions: Run reActPSN or BDloader, use last BD icon to change Mount Games from XMB.
    [L1]or[X]or[O] downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20, install bubble pkg.
    [R1] Forced copy external(USB) game to internal(HDD0).
    [R2] Remove this game's internal(HDD0) copy.

    * BDdirectboot(GMmount),BDselector,BDloader all need insert a boot disk!

    How to use:
    <1> PLAY BD backup games with BDdirectboot(GMmount), supported CFW4.30 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN, 9 BD icon(7 last play games, 1 HDD new game, 1 USB new game) will be added.
    <2> PLAY BD backup games with BDselector, supported CFW4.21 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN or BDloader,use last BD icon to change mount Games from XMB,
    Run PS3 Games from orignal BD icon.
    <3> PLAY BD backup games with BDloader.
    Run reActPSN or any BDloader with holding SQUARE to make all BDloader PKGs.
    Install you favorite rBL_xxxx.pkg from HDD/packages or USB/.
    run it, waiting 18 secondes then play BD game, or directboot this game.
    <4> Flawlessly to play all PSN contents.
    (1) Download psnstuff v1.82,download psn contents and store RAP&edat files.
    (2) Put exdata folder with rap's on usb, create 'aa' user and run reActPSN.
    (3) Install PSN and playing...
    (4) Put exdata folder with new raps on usb, holding L1 button for 8s and run reActPSN.
    Install new PSN and play new PSN games.
    <5> Play C00 type PSN games without rap&edat. [O] to activate it to full game.
    <6> Share your RAPs to others same as psnstuff, [L1] will help you.
    <7> Share your PSN crack patch to others.
    (1) Downloads PSN(1942 flower rain DLC) from PSN store(or install&play it with psnstuff).
    (2) Insert USB disk to usb0 or usb1.
    (3) Run reActPSN and holding ∆ triangle button for 6 seconds.
    (4) Play 1942,flower,rain,BD or PSN dlc.
    (5) Run reActPSN and holding triangle+R2 button for 6 seconds, then check your USB disk.
    (*) Do not insert any usb disk,[R2+R1] can gen >4G pkg on hdd0/packages.
    <8> Flawlessly to install PS2 ISO. (Require CFW>4.20 and has been installed any RAP)
    (1) Copy few or many PS2 ISO files to USB/PS2ISO and run reActPSN with hold X.
    (2) Install bubble pkg on XMB.
    (*) About >4G PS2 ISO. Must copy it to dev_hdd0/PS2ISO, do not insert USB, then [X]...
    PS2 ICON will be display if your have installed a full version MM.
    (1) SET QA, 3.55CFW, [RIGHT] [RIGHT].
    (2) 8s CEX2DEX DEX2CEX, REX4.21 or REX4.46 on slim, [RIGHT], its safe.
    (3) FIX VSH, works on every CFW. screen shot patch is added.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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