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Thread: ReActPSN 2.0 Update for PS3 CFW with Patched VSH.Self Arrives

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    AK74U Guest
    thanks a lot we needed this

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    wilson74 Guest
    So I hear some say it does then others say it doesn't work on the current 2.03 Rogero.. Any confirmed with this version and working and what steps were taking to get this to work? Thanks..

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    jabberosx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by StanSmith View Post
    Anyone know how to get it working? I'm running Rebug 4.21REX. I've installed ReActPSN 2.23 421cfw I ran it and it now says "ReActPSN 1.10 Unknown CFW!" I have a game I've installed via PKG and it comes with a RAP file. HOW do I install this RAP file? Where does it go on the USB drive, WHAT button do I have to hold to get ReActPSN to install the RAP file?
    For all the ReActPSN 1.10 Unknown CFW error msg folks. The issue is really very simple. You did not create a new user call "AA" and are trying to run the app from your default user account.

    Just create a new user call AA. reboot PS3. Login to the AA user account and Launch app. it will work as expected.

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    rewtnull Guest
    This doesn't seem to work with rebug 4.30.1.

    Anyone got reactpsn working with this firmware version?

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Jup, quite simple really. It has nothing to do with users BTW. Just open Rebug Toolbox and change REBUG MODE to NORMAL MODE. After reacting everything you can switch everything back (reactPSN will still have that message, but aa profile will be renamed)

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    rewtnull Guest
    I wish it was that simple. Did not do anything for me on 4.30.1 and 4.21.2 rebug's however.

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Did you read manual properly? Maybe you're using wrong USB port or something.

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    rewtnull Guest
    Well, since I've managed to use reactpsn properly on previous firmwares this isn't really the case.


    I think(tm) I figured it out. I'll do some testing and if it goes well, a fix for some (all?) rebug users will be up soon.

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    haze67 Guest
    reactpsn 2.23+rex 4.21.2 works fine minus the "required" rebuild after reboot, ignoring the system not shutdown correctly by hitting "O" didn't boot into XMB, then again the rifs and reactpsn account are working/updated, the restore/rebuild put me off a little tho...

    any tips on running it without any error would be great.. yhx!

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    rewtnull Guest

    Unofficial ReActPSN v2.23b Update for Some Rebug 4.XX PS3 CFW Users

    Below is an Unofficial ReActPSN v2.23b fix update for any Rebug 4.XX PS3 CFW users whose USB device is named dev_usb006. I had this issue but managed to patch the ReActPSN ELF.

    Download: ReActPSN_v2.23b_Rebug421-430.rar

    After failing to get v2.23 ReActPSN working on 4.30.1 and 4.21.2 Rebug's, I found out that the ReActPSN ELF had hardcoded dev_usb000 paths.

    Since my usb path (and I would assume others too, since it's referenced by Rebug themselves) is dev_usb006, ReActPSN wouldn't work.

    I have tried this on Rebug 4.21.2 only, but as long as your usb device is named dev_usb006, and your vsh.self is patched, I see no reason this wouldn't work on other 4.x CFW's.

    The same issues as with v2.23 remain. I.e. a message that the system was shut down improperly and that it has to repair filesystem after ReActPSN reboots the PS3.


    Of course you install and run this on your own risk. Credits go to the original creators.

    Enjoy the party!

    Finally, in related PSN homebrew news today below are some PlayStation Network leaks courtesy of sinsizer aka LoOzers (via and, as follows:

    v1.1 Changelog:
    • Submit works (changed script)
    • New Newstab
    • Autoupdate (for the Tool)
    • New database
    • Small changes

    v1.2 Changelog:
    • Some bugfixes
    • Already downloaded PKG files will be recognized
    • Added Searchbar and Filter

    v1.3 Changelog:
    • Minor codechanges and bugfixes
    • Progressbar cleanup

    You need this Version to load the new database! Start v1.2 and wait for update message pop up!

    v1.4 Changelog:
    • Added 3 new types (Wallpaper, Demo, Video)
    • Added Cancel option for download
    • Added Clickable links in newstab
    • Added Package integrity check [Package(MD5) vs. ETag(MD5)]
    • PSN links can be copied with ALT+rightclick
    • Rap's can be saved easily with one click on the button

    As you mentioned the db is now encrypted. This is related to many people who were upset to see their stuff posted on warez sites and other forums by other people. PSN Stuff is a community project, so you have still full access to all the data through the tool.

    v1.5 Changelog:
    • fixed language/location Bug

    Database should load fine now. You need this update to load the db!

    v1.6 Changelog:
    • added new tab “Splitter”

    v1.7 Changelog:
    • Rightclick context menu in listview (copy functions and Show Info)
    • pkgID integrated (can be found under submit tab)
    • Limited number of characters (Submit)

    v1.8 Changelog:
    • added new tab "Game Updater"
    • pkgID is now accessible from every tab

    v1.81 Changelog:
    • added PSP and PSVita support

    v1.82 / v1.83 Changelog:
    • compressed db (saves space and bandwidth)

    It's a mandatory update because the old server is offline.

    v1.84 / v1.85 Changelog:
    • Removed About field used for debugging

    PSNStuff v1.90 Changelog:
    • new tab "metacritic"
    • new tab "Chat"
    • Button timeout - if you click "save rap" or "copy psn link" you have to wait 5sec. till you can click again

    Regarding metacritic: back = backspace, reload = F5. To load the html5 version of the chat make a new registry entry:

    32bit system:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULA TION
    new DWORD
    name psnstuff.exe
    value 2af9 (hex)
    64bit system:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULA TION
    new DWORD
    name psnstuff.exe
    value 2af9 (hex)
    Or use one of these: reg_ie_html5.rar (change extension to *.rar )


    From Elegant: It's basically official links from PSN the same any person would download on a PS3 from PSN. Then it has the rap files so you can activate it using ReactPSN. No, you cannot use this on retail as you can't run custom homebrew and most likely never will. And no this will NEVER have fixes. A rap file is a VERY SMALL hex string that is VERY easy to store along with it's PSN links. Fixes can range from 1MB to 20MB as opposed to basically less than 1KB for rap files, no one wants to host all your fixes on their server.

    Finally, from element comes a PSN Stuff Linux Command Line utility with details below:

    Download: readpsnstuff.exe

    Hey, I wrote a little application which can read the current db from psnstuff. Hopefully it is useful:
    wget http://xxxxxxxxxx/d/db     #you have to find the url by your own ;)
    ./readpsnstuff db db
    Now in db you have the plain text.

    [imglink=|Unofficial ReActPSN v2.23b Update for Some Rebug 4.XX PS3 CFW Users][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Unofficial ReActPSN v2.23b Update for Some Rebug 4.XX PS3 CFW Users][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Unofficial ReActPSN v2.23b Update for Some Rebug 4.XX PS3 CFW Users][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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