Hi guys, first I'd like to thank all those who bring all the awesome ps3 games to us. Now, about my problem: I recently changed my ps3 hard drive, because the old one got damaged. Luckily I had a backup of my ps3 data, which i successfully restored.

UNluckily, my legally psn downloaded content didn't work after that. None of them. Before anyone says it, yes, i CAN find most of those games again, but i was just wandering if there's a faster way, let's say by RE-Activating EDAT files in the EXDATA folder.

Accessing psn is out of the question anyway, because of 3.55.

One last thing:The message displayer every time i try one of those psn games is this: ''To access this content,you must activate this system.Go to [PSN/Account Management] to activate this system. (80029514)''

I forgot to say that i had previously tried React PSN 2.20 (before changing the hard drive) unsuccessfully. I didn't understand what i was supposed to do, even though i had read the ''Instructions'', which seemed rather ''incomplete'' to me. Is there any easier way?