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Thread: Questions about kmeaw CFW

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    itzbilly Guest

    Questions about kmeaw CFW

    Hi guys, I am currently running jb on my phat PS3 with my TI84+.

    I am considering installing CFW on my PS3. Questions that I have (in this order):

    1- Do I still need to power cycle (turn off switch in the back, turn back on, power, eject) to have the jailbreak running?
    2- Do I still need the TI84+ attached whenever I boot up the PS3 for the jailbreak to work?
    3- I have many games backed up (3.42+ games) that I require the jailbreak to run. Will these games stay on my PS3 (hdd0/GAMEZ/) or will I have to load them onto a backup drive and replace the files later and/or back up the games via disc again? If I do, is there currently a method for the PS3 to read NTFS file systems?
    4- Will my currently installed homebrew apps stay on the PS3 (multiman, gaia manager, open manager, etc)?
    5- Is there any chance of my PS3 bricking, like with the waninko CFW? If so, how can I tell if my PS3 will brick or not?
    6- If there is no risk of the PS3 bricking, which CFW would provide the greatest compatibility and run the most games? Which is the most stable so far?
    7- What would be the best method and most noob proof method of installing CFW? From my understanding, I need to update to 3.55 OFW before installing a 3.55 CFW. Is this true?

    Please reply soon, thanks

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    Denida Guest
    1/2: That is only needed with JB- method. With custom firmware it will already be ready to play backups/ homebrew, no need to boot it in JB mode.
    3: They will stay. The latest update of multiman should allow you to use NTFS, You can find it here:
    4: All apps should still remain on the PS3, yes
    5/6: No, there isn't any risk involved with bricking with CFW. The most compatible (and used) these days is KMEAW CFW.
    7: Yes, go to ofw 3.55 first and then run Kmeaw cfw3.55 (if that's the one you want). If you cannot get it to run you would need to do it in recovery mode.

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    userix Guest
    I have kmeaw and multiman installed. But my backups do not play. I have tried to search, but came up with nothing. The manager loads correctly, but none of my games start. I have 3.55 kmeaw with multiman 1.16.03 (newest one). I tried lv2 v6 and lvl2 8 patchers and they did nothing. I even tried Rogero 8.1 and still none of the backups are loading. What am I doing wrong?

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    itzbilly Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply. Just to clarify, I can update to OFW 3.55 and my apps and back ups would stay in the hard drive?

    Is there a guide somewhere that I can follow to perform the CFW installation?

    Is there a guide to put the system into recovery mode?

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    Denida Guest
    Userix Have you updayed from 3.41? If so, you cannot use the modified eboots, need to replace those.

    itzbilly It's a simple process: download the official 3.55

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    costocart Guest
    Userix : you have to install the BDEMU-355KM.pkg. You do not need to run the lv2 patchers.

    itzbilly : i had the same problem as you when trying to find a guide to install kmeaw cfw. What you need to install kmeaw 3.55 cfw:

    1) 3.55 ofw
    2) 3.55 patched cfw (you can download it or create it yourself)
    3) Multiman
    4) BDEMU-355KM.pkg
    5) original eboot and param.sfo of the backups

    p/s: this guide is for educational purposes only. i do not condone piracy.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    userix: it actually sounds like your running into a permissions problem either download fix permissions and run it or do it per game with the newest multiMAN [R1]

    Edit: just figured out multiMAN will fix permission for all games with start+[R1]

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    itzbilly Guest
    is it just me or was there no actual guide provided haha..

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Edited just for you itzbilly, if this is not clear enough try the search button at the top of the page, look for Kmeaw CFW.

    From Recovery Mode/Menu

    1) Update to 3.55 ofw
    2) Then update to 3.55 patched cfw (Kmeaw (suggested), Wutangzra, Waninkoko: you can download it or create it yourself (download recommended)
    3) install latest Multiman package
    4) install BDEMU-355KM.pkg
    5) you need to have all original eboot and param.sfo of the backups for games to run on 3.55 CFW

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    itzbilly Guest
    Oh i see, haha I didn't realize it was ordered that way, I thought it was just a list of things I needed. Thanks for the help!

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