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    Newbie khwaldeh's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    hello all,

    Q- I've INSTALL this dlc

    My work was as follows:-

    1-INSTALL DLC 1-Resurrection DLC 2-Revive DLC
    2 - INSTALL patch 1.03

    i can not find the dlc.. Is there an error in my work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by megatrackerx View Post
    Hi hissatsu for this 3.41 fix... could you do the same with marvel pinball? it requires 3.50 firm to work. can you help me with that? i want it to work on 3.41 firm (and many others too for sure) thank you in advance and excuse my poor english!
    Never saw this game, or might have misted it.

    If you have any links to FIX or Game DL, post them here and ill take a look.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBoy Chrif View Post
    Hissatsu can you help me.. i have Resident evil 5 G.E. (7.36Gb)pkg.. How to install this pkg on PS3?? i read some comments about mm & ftp but idk how??

    Sorry for the late anwser, went to bed, before you wrote that...

    FTP the game (the whole 7.3 GB pkg file) to some random location (on internal HDD). Lets say /dev_hdd0/GAMES/ if you want.

    Than go in multiMANs filemanager mode (SELECT+START) make your way to the pkgs location (once your there it will be collored red). Put the cursor on it and press X. multiMAN will ask you if you want to quitt the program to install the selected pkg from Install Package Files, say YES.

    Go to Install Package Files on your XMB, and boom there is your selected .pkg file (if its not, reset the console) and it will be.

    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedJay View Post
    Hey guys I need some help with Parasite Eve 2. It comes with the game install file and the fix file and also the exdate file I need to know where to put this file and the order to make it work.

    just noticed the file ext. is .rap I installed the game and installed the fix and then used multiman to copy the exdate folder to dev/hdd0/home/00000001 there is a file inside the exdate and that is the xxxxxx.rap file thanks to anyone who can help. the game link is on page 83
    You got the wrong FIX.
    PS1 games have a .pkg FIX files that you install.
    Here is the one for Parasite Eve 2:
    Ignore the FW 3.41 tag.

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    Try to install the Patch first. Else do you got the BLES Version of the Game? Do you played the first 12 Chapters of the normal Game? (DLC are chapter 13 and 14)

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    NBA Jam On Fire Edition (PSN) FW 3.41 FIX (FIX ONLY):
    Game ID: NPEB00650

    1. Get the game installer (you know where to get it), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Install the FIX PKG from Install Package Files option.
    *Say YES to overwrite the existing folder notice.
    3. Copy exdata folder to: /dev_hdd0/home/0000000X/
    4. Play the game.

    Where 0000000X is the number for your profile (mine was 00000002).

    Proper FIX, it wont say Trial/DEMO/Locked on XMB.

    For fastest game file download use this:

    Edited and tested myself.

    Creds to EXEtrimall and Juan Nadie for the algo stuff.

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    thx for your great fixing work man, alll the best!!

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    Hissatsu Thank you very much..

    EXEtrimAll & pr0p0sitionJOE & lele0o0o good work.. (many thanks & respect for those good games)... pr0p0sitionJOE you know my bro I will be really happy when I see Castlevania H.O.D. here
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    Contributor sinota's Avatar
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    Jan 2012

    Is there any way to convert the Castlevania DLC and fix over to BLUS version of the game?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daSlayer87 View Post
    Try to install the Patch first. Else do you got the BLES Version of the Game? Do you played the first 12 Chapters of the normal Game? (DLC are chapter 13 and 14)
    the game i have BLES01047
    no i start the game from chapter 1 i still in the ch 1 // i think this is my mistake

    thanks for your help

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    Your welcome.


    Quote Originally Posted by sinota View Post
    Is there any way to convert the Castlevania DLC and fix over to BLUS version of the game?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
    Here is what i read:
    - Install the DLCs and the FIX
    - Go to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01047/USRDIR (created by installing the DLC and FIX)
    - Copy DLC 1 and DLC 2 folders,
    - to dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30339/USRDIR (created by installing the 1.03 update).
    Run the game.

    BLUS30339 1.03 update:

    Untested by me, but people say it works. You know it works when you run the game, and the main menu book opens up:
    - on left side it says something about HDD auto save that you must accept.
    - on right side it will say that the update must always be present if you want to use the downloadable content. If the update disapears you need to log in in to PSN to reactivate it bla bla.

    Thats how you know its working. Whitout the DLC there will be nothing on the right side of the book.

    On a side note:

    Hitogata Happa Gundemonium Collection (PSN) FW 3.41 & CFW 3.55 FULL GAME FIX (FULL GAME FIXED):
    Game ID: NPUA30030

    1. Get the game installer (from the upper link), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Play the game.

    No need for extra/manual EBOOT.BIN copy, after install.

    Edited and tested myself.

    FULL credits to Timrek57!!

    I just repacked in to one, easy installable game pkg. Its faster/simpler this way (at least for me).

    To each his own.

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    Sr. Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    Don't think so. I'd say it is equal to getting a Dead Nation US DLC for an German version of that game, which doesn't work. You can easily test it out, but I'm nearly 100% sure, that it won't work (because i.e. BCES01330 only works with a patch / DLC from the exact same code).


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