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    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    [BLES01750 - BLUS31045]

    BLES01750 - Retail Fix

    BLES01750 - update 1.04 - Need official update 1.04

    BLUS31045 - Retail Fix

    BLUS31045 - update 1.04 - Need official update 1.04

    Medal of Honor Warfighter
    [BLES01636 - BLUS30990]

    BLES01636 - update 1.02 - Need official update 1.02

    BLUS30990 - update 1.02 - Need official update 1.02

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    where is the file please?

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    Hi oVerSoldier,

    I try the Retail fix for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, It work perfectly fine.

    But for the Medal of Honor Warfighter. I update the 1.02 and apply the patch file, it say my system is 3.55, need to update to 4.25 to play it. What can I do? Did i apply wrongly?

    Can anyone please give the link page for GRAND THEFT AUTO V so can download the game?

    Thanks again

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    hello, how can i download the fix ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    A new release by propJOE, Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning DLC PACK...
    anyone know what is the password for open the file to download? please help i need it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapuPS3 View Post
    2 new releases :
    How to Train Your Dragon 2 PS3-iMARS
    Sorry for the basic question but how do you install this one...all the others I have tried have a pkg file then a pkg crack file OR put a edat file in the appropriate folder on the file system... this one has folder structure BlUS31388 >PS3_game and BlUS31388 >PS3_update (this one cantains what looks like a firmware update PS3UPDAT.PUP 262mb)... didnt want to do anything dumb that.

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    Hi there, that depends om witch CFW you are, so if you have a CFW like 3.41, 3.55 or 4.21 and the game needs a higher FW (there are many tools to show you what FW the game asks ), then you need to look for a FIX for your CFW installed in your PS3.

    Example i found and posted:

    BLUS31388 – Retail fix cfw 3.41/3.55/4.21
    link password:

    thank you opoisso893 for your work

    So after you have putted the game in the internal HDD of your PS3, replace original files with the patched ones and you are ready to go. Enjoy

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    Dragonball Z raging blast 2 eboot fix

    Hey guys,

    does anyone know from where i can get the eboot datas (eboot.bin, etc.) for Dragonball Z raging blast 2 ?

    Would be nice if somebody can help !

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    can someone please share fear effect 2 fix ?

    thank you very much

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