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    Its Right Here:

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    Jun 2014
    Is there a Fix for CFW 3.55 (Watch Dogs PSN Version) ?

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    Hi FB1907,

    There are Many benefits upgrading.. 3.55 Is Ancient Now... Time to Upgrade Firmware

    Rogero CFW CEX v4.55 v1.02... Just a Suggestion. After You Do That...

    1. Download BLES01854-WATCH_DOGS-Duplex:
    2. Download 1.0.1 update:
    3. Download BLES01854_Retail-Fix_421+_OPOISSO893.rar:

    Then if you want cheats download this PKG

    Cheers Jumbyjim

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    Is really a rogero cfw cex v4.55 v1.02? if so can i have the link please?

    thanks in advance

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    Apr 2005


    The latest Rogero CFW is here:

    Also our ongoing Rogero CFW thread is here:

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    Dec 2010

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    Fight Night Champion doesnt work on 3.55 rogero 4.55 i tried few torrents and few fixes does anyone know solution?

    Please, i Jailbreaked my ps3 for that game.


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    Well which is it 3.55 or Rogero 4.55. They are two different CFW

    Did you install the game correctly

    Install Guide:
    1. Install game.
    2. Install EDAT FIX.
    3. Install EBOOT FIX for your CFW.
    4. Install ALL DLC FIX.

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    misstyped , it's rogero 4.55 didnt tried anything with these fixes, where can i get them?

    I just downloaded Fight Night Champions duplex, I extract it to desktop, transfer to PS3 over LAN cable and then over multiman i start EBOOT , then i go to XMB and i click on game and it returns me to XMB , on other torrent it was error 80010017.

    -After using EBOOTfix and EBOOTmod , when i try to install pkg file from XMB menu i got 80029564 error.

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    I'm having a problem with black flag, I'm running rebug 4.46 and every time i try to boot the game, it will go to a black screen at first, and then go back to the home screen with no errors. anyone know what causes this and how to solve this problem? many thanks in advance

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