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    i tried to install the game then the crack but still getting the update msg. and it still in trial version

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzz View Post
    Not sure if you've tried yet but changing outfits regrows your legs or at least it did for me. But overall weird bug for sure
    I haven't tried changing clothes as its just too funny seeing him float around especially in the movies when he's supposed to be using his feet or legs and there is nothing there. One time he's supposed to step on a gun and nothing. LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    is that the ps3 version? the motorcycle looks weird
    Yea its the PS3 version. That motorcycle shot you can see his footprints and that smoke is the exhaust.
    The Xbox360 version has a lot less bugs. It was really smooth but textures took a lot longer to load than the PS3 version.

    Here are 4 more funny no legs shots.

    I laughed when the guy said hes a cripple. I GOT NO LEGS!!! HAHAHAHA

    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    EXP Multiplicator PKG

    Download: /

    Props Hiei-YYH!
    This does nothing for me.

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    If you want better loading times and saving the installation size then you can transform your Watch Dogs Duplex game to a PSN Version by using this pkg here. DLC unlocker is compatible. Future update fixes will work too.

    Credits for this fix go to my anon friend.

    Watch Dogs (EU) NPEB01433

    1. install EP0001-NPEB01433_00-WTCHDGSPSNFIX101.421.pkg
    2. copy USRDIR from BLES01854 retail (without EBOOT.BIN) to dev_hdd0\game\NPEB01433\
    3. install EP0001-NPEB01433_00-WTCHDGSPSNFIX101.421.pkg again...
    4. optional... fix permissions for dev_hdd0\game\NPEB01433\
    5. restart ps3
    6. play from XMB

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    I hope this version works as the other 2 didn't.

    What firmware is it for? I had to patch for it to work on 4.46 Cobra.

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    Can anyone help me?

    When i start the game via Multiman i got a Blackscreen while the loading screen but i can hear the game in the background and i can press the PS Button.

    where i can find a fix? thx

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    Watch Dogs + DLC + 1.01 Patch - (Exclusive Missions, ATM Hack Boost, Vehicle Expert Pack, Weapon Specialist... and more!)

    PSN version game :

    DLC - (Exclusive Missions) :

    CFW Fix 421+ :

    credits ZigoTundra for sharing the links


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    Quote Originally Posted by tapuPS3 View Post
    Watch Dogs + DLC + 1.01 Patch - (Exclusive Missions, ATM Hack Boost, Vehicle Expert Pack, Weapon Specialist... and more!)
    the psn version doesn't download past 2gb, why is that?

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    Link Part 1 Dead , please re upload tapuPS3

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    request : new link for part 1:

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