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    tapuPS3 Guest
    Here you go : GT 5 - DLC packs there are Pkg and rap for activation , you will need to connect to internet to download them after you activate them , react psn needed: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jbh7qz2emlj2w7t/CD15gYdQ-H

    for me worked


  2. #8622
    StanSmith Guest
    Nice but still doesn't work as you have to get online and download from PSN which is what I am avoiding. Can't get online with a banned console and banned account. Anyone got the PKGs of the DLC?

    Wrong version, I need the EU version. I found it thou.

    I found the EU version and downloaded them but still it says I cant purchase the cars as they aren't downloaded. I cant get on PSN so how can I get them?

  3. #8623
    tapuPS3 Guest
    From what i know this was the only way the DLC would work , i know that i have searched this DLC a lot of time. Sorry StanSmith. I can give you the links for EU version to , but the same thing must be done :

    1. It is necessary to have your GT5 updated to the latest update
    2. After install the PKG as any other pkg [make sure you have the GT5 updated] , copy rap files to exdata folder and use reactpsn to activate DLC.
    3. You may be required to be signed in to PSN as well as GT5 started.
    4. Now at the main menu after signing in to PSN, go to the dlc symbol
    5. Install all the vehicles, tracks etc.
    6. The vehicles will be located at the car delivery, just get all the vehicles there
    Enjoy the new vehicles, tracks and other stuf

  4. #8624
    articbudu Guest
    iso format only work on dongle cfw right?

  5. #8625
    StanSmith Guest
    All they say about Gran Turismo 6 is hype and bullcrap. The gameplay is the same as the last, its missing a lot of in car views instead its just black the same as GT2, it does have a tiny graphical difference that it looks a tiny bit better than GT5 but not by much.

    There is still no car damage and AI are still bullies and you get punished for what they do and they get no punishment at all. IMO its still a really crap game and not worth it. If you want a really good racing game get Grid or Grid 2 as they kick GT6's butt every time.

    If your a GT fan then you'll get it and probably love it but there is really no difference between GT5 and GT6 except maybe a few more cars. BUT as those newer cars still dont have in car view and cant be customized like the other cars its still a crap game.

    If I had to give it a score it'll be 2/10 as for a game that comes out after the PS4 is released its really showing the devs are at least 5 years behind and releasing an unfinished game. I like incar views when I'm driving and this doesn't have it. Even NFS Rivals is better and thats doesn't even have incar view.

    Compare this game to Forze 5 and you will think this is a beta or unfinished game its that bad.

  6. #8626
    wwywong Guest
    I am sure fanboy will have different view, but it's an interesting opinion for a bystander's eye... #me_either_for_or_against_GT6

  7. #8627
    StanSmith Guest
    I would post a pic but I think posting screenshots a week before release isn't a wise thing to do.

    Still in car view is just black. Shows you how pathetic the game really is. GRID is heaps better as its got all the views working proper like they should where GT6 is missing half the graphics of the cars and doubles up for a lot of them too. Its really crap if you compare car games to each other. Thats why its not on PS4 as nobody would accept that as a PS4 game. Its not even a proper PS3 game as I just said its missing half the graphics of the cars.

  8. #8628
    wwywong Guest
    ic. Any change that the release we are getting from the scene is a "incompleted/work in progress" version?

    Well in any case you know there will be like 20 updates on the first week of release... that's how GT5 was like.

  9. #8629
    StanSmith Guest
    Nope, its the same as GT5 where the cars they couldn't be bothered to finish are just black. Its been the same since the start of GT. Some cars have interiors and others are black and look pathetic.

    They again released half a game putting more effort into the release date than into finishing the game properly.

  10. #8630
    wwywong Guest
    Regarding Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns, anyone have successful experience using the fixed DLC from JPN version (BLJM60558) couple page back on a asian (chinese) version (BCAS20279)?

    Without the dlc the game retail fix work fine, but I tried to copy the dlc in couple location (BCAS20279 place after data install, or another BLJM6055800000000something place) and it hang the game right at the beginning (white square page) or hang when loading the game. If any of you can load the jpn dlc to chinese version please let me know! Thanks!

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