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    Not to mention a lot of older links need to be checked to see if they're still alive (I got about 120 dead by the time I reached page 8 or so).

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    Option 2 sounds like it would be the best.

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    Not to sound picky, since tons of new PSN releases (go DUPLEX), but where's Castlevania Harmony of Despair? It's a great game (played a little on a friend's XBOX360), but still no show. I think I've asked this once before in here PS3News, but I only got a vague answer out of it? So, is Castlevania: HoD crackable or not?

    Oh, and a happy New Year's Eve to everybody from Finland!

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    first these new games are not released by DUPLEX, but by EXEtrimALL, second if they get the game they will release it with fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarppikarppi View Post
    where's Castlevania Harmony of Despair?
    They said some program must be written first for this game. Let's hope they get around to do it.

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    DeathSpank The Baconing (PSN) FW 3.41 FIX (FIX ONLY):
    Game ID: NPEB00631

    1. Get the game installer (you know where to get it), install from Install Package Files option.
    2. Install the FIX PKG from Install Package Files option.
    *Say YES to overwrite the existing folder notice.
    4. Copy the exdata folder to: /dev_hdd0/game/home/0000000X/
    3. Play the game.

    Where 0000000X is the number for your profile (mine was 00000002).

    Uploaders Note: It will say (Trial) in XMB but its the full game.

    Edited and tested myself.

    Creds to EXEtrimall and Juan Nadie for the algo stuff.


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    Trine with DLC
    full game{fixed}

    DLC{put into USRDIR folder after install full game}

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    Anyone know where to find PixelJunks Monsters Encore? Cuz all links here are just for the "fix". I guess that isn't enough?

    Or does it mean that the game.pkg actually is patched/fixed already?

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    PixelJunk Monsters Encore (PSN) FW 3.41 Full game FIX (FULL GAME FIX):
    Game ID: NPUA80108

    1. Install the game from Install Package Files option.
    2. Play the game.

    Edited and tested myself.

    Creds to EXEtrimall and Juan Nadie for the algo stuff.

    Should work on CFW 3.55 as well.


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    Oh, ok thanks man!

    Thought that was just the "fix". But then it's a "Fixed Game" as you wrote. Thanks again!

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