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  1. #8401
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Best way to combat piracy

  2. #8402
    tapuPS3 Guest
    nice one , a miserable way to let us not play their games

    let's hope that this check will be cracked.

  3. #8403
    msam17 Guest
    So without connecting this to PS3 the game will not play ?

  4. #8404
    StevenTj Guest

  5. #8405
    rodweygantjr Guest
    Thanks again... Do you know anyone with a Saints Row 4 fix for 3.55... I have the game already just have not been able to get it working yet?

  6. #8406
    Thehulk Guest
    Hi, has anyone got the snes emulator working with Reg 4.41 CFW? I get an error 8000... when starting it. Any help plz

  7. #8407
    tapuPS3 Guest
    man , when you ask for a fix pls put the name of the game , the ID of the game and the CFW for witch you want :

    ex : Saints Row 4 - BLUS31205 - cfw 3.41/3.55

    Have you tried to resign the emulators with 4.x keys , just use any re-signer tool available.There are plenty. Aldos or other one. I have that this will solve your problem.

  8. #8408
    Thehulk Guest
    Thanks for your reply, I've got to say I'm a noob to this scene as I've been more on the JTAGed xboxs. I've just started on the PS3 last week. My queiry is; I've managed to jailbreak my ps3 with the Rogero 4.41 CFW but my problem is I can't get the SNES emulator along with most of the PSN games to work.

    I Keep getting that 8000... error. You mentioned the resign the emulator with 4.x keys. Is there a good tut on this process that you might have a link to? Also will this process fix my PSN Games no working as mentioned problem? Cheers.

  9. #8409
    msam17 Guest

    Will the disney infinity 3.55 fix go pass around the infinity base check ?

  10. #8410
    StevenTj Guest

    Castle of illusion: Starring mickey mouse hd

    Download: http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...YaJKvEkQoi.pkg


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