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    I can have the dlc for cod black ops 1 euro version slv how on rogero 4.46?

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    Dec 2010
    Have anyone has a Diablo III Duplex 4.2 CFW fix ?
    thx guys

    never mind i found fix for 3.55 opoisso893

    New fix
    thx for the great work master opoisso893!
    Lost Planet 3
    BLUS31020 - Retail fix
    BLUS31020 - Update 1.01
    mirror links:

    Rayman Legends
    fix by opoisso893 for 3.41/3.55

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    anyone have a fix 3.55 for the Last of US or Madden NFL 25? you would be amazing if you can repost links to them.

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    Ni No Kuni and Unfinished Swan unfixable?

    anyone have a fix for ni no kuni and unfinished swan on 3.55? that would be amazing!

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    Madden NFL 25 3.41/3.55 Fix - by opoisso893
    BLUS31178 - Retail Fix
    BLUS31178 - Update 1.01

    I don't know if tha update pkg is included

    Have fun ! For the last of us it depends witch id game you have (bLES xxxxxx, BLUSxxxxx)

    From what i know ni no kuni can't be fixed for 3.41/3.55. Not even opoisso893 could make a fix for this game. Sorry
    For the other one i don't have a clue. Maybe someone else knows.

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    Hi I am not able to play Disney Infinity. After starting the game it says "missing disney infinity base" what is this ? any solution ?


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    You need this stuff

    PSN Games Decrypted for PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 by DUPLEX!-url-jpg

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    Hi tapuPS3, may i know what the different between LOST PLANET 3 Retail fix and update 1.01 fix???? because last time i have use retail fix and working, so should i re-install Update 1.01 fix?

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    nice updates!

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    retail fix refers to game version with no updates , after each update the eboot is changed (signed with new keys _ for the ones wich are on CFW 3.41 or 3.55) means that the eboot from the update pkg are signed with keys witch will not work with your CFW. Update fix means that after you have your game on console or HDD exterl, depends on situation and you want to install update 1.01 (that update fixes some issues for the game etc) you will need to install the fix, because the fix contains the files what will make your game to work like it should, nice and soft.

    In 99,00% cases after you put a update pkg to your game (and the update is signed with key over 4.xx _ remember in this example you will be on CFW 3.55) the game will not work anymore. It will ask you to update your OFW to what he needs to run, let's say OFW 4.6.

    PS : when you have fix for update 1.01 (not all the times you get the update link download, the link to the orig update is this :

    Signed with 4.3 keys.

    1. use retail fix
    2. install the update 1.01 (linked above)
    3. use the update fix
    4. enjoy

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