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    imranulferdoues Guest
    Yes. Just download the firmware from & install it from system update. Also dont keep any game disc in bluray drive while installing Rebug 4.46 update.

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    jaquarinc Guest
    I had issues using 4.46.1 rebug with the new splinter cell and basic loading functions. Everytime I loaded a game in MM, I had to then run the BD reset pkg just to get the game to appear on the DISC icon. So I went back to 4.41.3 and it's running better. Still havent checked all my 3.55 patches.

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    drphuz Guest
    Yeah 4.41.3 is more compatible, but Backupwise I have yet to encounter an issue with Iris manager on the 4.46 rex. Mm is dead to me unless its on my 3.41 system and gosh its an older copy! lol back when he supported discless syscall8. but to be truthful I use rogero on that one come to think about it. big lol

    GUYS seriously, multiman is barely updated anymore. Move on from MM and try Iris manager. it has way more compatibility than mm. and if your playing discless internal its a dream with a broken bd. the community updates iris. so you know its current.

    if you're on REBUG 4.46 lite or rex, its waaaay better than mm. I even combo iris to load the payload and then mm to launch off external when im lazy. it still works great. but mm can't play everything. you have to second source sooner or later. try it today.

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    msam17 Guest
    Hi, BLUS30977-[Disney Infinity] and BLUS31205-[Saints Row IV] not working on Rogero 4.3 and MM4.20. When I press the game disc icon error message.

    Infinity tried both internal and external with BD mirror no luck. SR 4 tried external with BD mirroe no luck.

    Any solution, please help.


  5. #8385
    misiozol Guest

    Rayman Legends BLES01863 3.55 Fix by Daveyshambles

    Saints row 4 works like a charm from int/ext hdd on rogero 4.46 and multiman, tested

    Also below is a Rayman Legends BLES01863 3.55 Fix from Daveyshambles, who states:

    I absolutely loved Rayman Origins, I thought it was an amazing little platformer that was done really really well, with it's 2d cartoonie GFX and it's endless playability I just couldnt put it down...

    A few days ago saw the release of the latest Rayman installment from Ubisoft, Rayman Legends... I went straight down the local super market an purchased a copy. I came home an wasn't content with just playing it on my OFW 4.46 ps3 so I copy'd my original disc and manifactured a working 3.55 fix for all of us 3.55 users who wont give up this awsome CFW.

    It works great, just check BD mirror an external in Multi-man an make sure there's any old ps3 game in the drive, then press ''select an X on the disc icon at the XMB''

    I was playing Saints row IV but then I got this... I was gonna do a Saints Row IV 3.55 fix but properjoe beat me to it... Anyway enjoy folks.

    Rayman Legends Fix (EURO) by Daveyshambles: Rayman_Legends_3.55_BLES01863.zip

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Lost Planet 3 Punisher Pack DLC PS3 by DUPLEX is Now Available

    Following up on their previous updates, today PlayStation 3 scene release group Duplex has made available a Lost Planet 3 Punisher Pack DLC PS3 release with details below.

    Download: Lost.Planet.3.Punisher.Pack.DLC.PS3-DUPLEX.rar / Lost.Planet.3.Punisher.Pack.DLC.PS3-DUPLEX.rar (Mirror) / Lost.Planet.3.Punisher.Pack.DLC.PS3-DUPLEX.rar (Mirror #2)

    From the PS3 NFO file: Lost.Planet.3.Punisher.Pack.DLC.PS3-DUPLEX (219 MB)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  7. #8387
    azoreseuropa Guest
    The game works for 3.41/3.55 but does this dlc works for 3.41/3.55 as well ? I understand that this thread is about 3.55 but I want to double to make sure. Thanks.

  8. #8388
    rodweygantjr Guest
    I am using MM and I have a PS3 Break V2 Dongle and I am really interested in getting info. on switching to 4.xx anything that is stable, however I have over 250 games and I would need to know how to change all of the eboots over, if that is even possible...

  9. #8389
    msam17 Guest
    Just a small doubt once you check the BD mirror, you still have to press select and X on the disc icon?

    Updated the fw to rogero4.46 and mm4.46 both the games are working perfect.

  10. #8390
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Thank you very much!

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