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    I was looking for NCAA 14, Injustice Gods Among Us, and the Last of US all 3.55

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3JB View Post
    Call Of Duty MW3-BLUS30838.Patch.v1.19.v1.20.and.v1.21.Install.and. Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB THX GO to N0DRM
    • Part1 - Call Of Duty MW3-BLUS30838.Patch.v1.19.v1.20.and.v1.21.Install.and. Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB.part1.rar (47.7 MB)
    • Part2 - Call Of Duty MW3-BLUS30838.Patch.v1.19.v1.20.and.v1.21.Install.and. Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB.part2.rar (47.7 MB)
    • Part3 - Call Of Duty MW3-BLUS30838.Patch.v1.19.v1.20.and.v1.21.Install.and. Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB.part3.rar (4.07 MB)

    All v1.19 v1.20 and v1.21 Install and Play
    Hey man, quick question. What does part 1, 2, 3 mean? Can you give an explanation of how to use each of the parts or how does it work? Thanks

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    Some new game fixes for 3.55 cfw users by Daveyshambles

    Here are some new(ish) fixes for all you fellow 3.55 user's... enjoy

    Painkiller Hell an Damnation 3.55 fix (BLES01791)

    The Smurfs 2 3.55 fix (BLES01797)

    Killer is dead 3.55 fix (BLJS10215)

    Metro last light 3.55 fix (BLUS31184)

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    thank you very much

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    i bought the last of us disk today and i want the 4.21+ fix if anybody out there wants to help please do.

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    I have the US version of the game BCUS98164. Tried the bces dlc but no luck. Moving folder is not an option, because it always asked me to go to playstation store.

    I was able to find the US version, but the .rap file link is dead. Can someone please upload it for me? Thank you

    Link to the dlc, US version:

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    Payday 2
    Date : 07-2013 Languages: English (Multi)
    Platform : PS3 Genre : Action

    CFW 4.46 required

    From aldostools: This secure file id:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Credits to Keha.

    It should work with these title ids: BLUS31219/BLES019020/NPUB31294

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    people had to fix dead space 3 to 3.55 with a working save

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    Hi all, I have a question. I have cfw kmeaw 3.55, I cannot seems to watch the digital graphic novel from the new MGS legacy collection. Is there anyway to watch in 3.55?

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    Wrath of the White Witch 3.55 CFW eboot fixing

    Is there a way to fix the eboot for Wrath of the White Witch to work on 3.55 CFW? Been trying to find a patched eboot everywhere online. I even tried using dark eboot fixer and trueancestor, none of them which work.

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