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  1. #8301
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Above help was correct if you split the 10gig file then u put all split files in that pak32 folder, that folder will be in the same directory as the 10 gig file, now you have 2 options, because you split the files you can delete the 10 gig file and play off the external and you are done, or you can delete that pak32 folder and all those files, and ftp the game the way it was when you downloaded it.

    i believe you already ftped the whole game so its best to delete the eleven files you split, thats not how you split psarc files, you use psarc gui to do that, which would not be #666 files when u split the 10gig file correctly you will get 2165 files i think, somewhere around that number. and those 2,+++ files would go in your pak32 folder, so simply put:

    Delete pak32folder and 11 files
    play game from internal


    Use psarc gui to split files to pak32 folder
    delete 10 gig file
    copy pak32 folder containing 15.6 gigs of extracted files to same directory that 10 gig file was in
    Play from external

  2. #8302
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Buddies, need a little help.. I been trying to play GTA IV Complete Collection in Rebug 4.41 lite v2, the game startup but stuck at installation. I tried internal, BD-MIRROR and putting disc on tray still not working. I also had the same problem in Rogero 4.31 but it worked fine in 3.55. Also Elder Scroll V Skyrim not working giving error something like 080017. And sleeping dogs stuck after installation and pressing start button. Any solution would be awesome...

  3. #8303
    sambo71 Guest
    I am pretty sure GTA4 only works EXTERNAL.

  4. #8304
    Tetsero Guest
    Nice! This is really cool. I'm surprised by the amount of PSN games coming to custom firmwares and hacked consoles. It's sad that the developers are not getting money, but it's nice that hackers are able to enjoy the game.

  5. #8305
    imranulferdoues Guest
    GTA didnt work external in 4.31 but i didnt tried it in 4.41 yet. How about other games, buddy..?

    Not much hacked ps3 out there yet. If the game is good the developers getting what they deserve or probably more.

  6. #8306
    mmanolos Guest
    GTA works fine external with Rogero.

    You need to replace the fixed eboots you used in 3.55 with the original eboots, they are not needed in new CFWs. You must use the original eboots unpatched, delete the previous game's installs (from "game data" in xmb) and apply the game's updates from inside multiman or when the game ask for them.

  7. #8307
    cmarrero Guest

  8. #8308
    kolabi Guest
    Does anyone have 3.55 fix for Thunder Wolves psn ?

  9. #8309
    thistleknot Guest
    Does anyone know where a good copy of this is at?


  10. #8310
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Thanks mmanolos..... GTA IV complete collection is 100% working. My one was BLUS30682 version. I replaced it with European version of complete edition. here, http://www.mediafire.com/download/f6...8_ORIGINAL.rar

    Voila.. its working again..

    Here is an internal patch but didn't tried it yet. here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c9...1128-ENJOY.rar

    Just replace the original files(backup those files before replacing).

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