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  1. #8281
    rodweygantjr Guest
    anybody still have a 3.55 fix for MLB 13 the show, it would be a huge help?

  2. #8282
    JeoWay Guest
    Was there ever a fix for it? If you have a flasher, flash an updated Core_OS. If there is a patch/fix for it, then use it.

    P.S - I thought your username said RobertDownyJR

  3. #8283
    tapuPS3 Guest
    NEW PSN GAME: NPUB30930 - F1 Race Stars FW 4.1


    http://mir.cr/1SU4GDDW - links for RapFile

    You will need react psn to activate the rap file

  4. #8284
    kombat75 Guest
    no react psn account cannot play this RAP files ?

    pls help...

  5. #8285
    Sirogabober Guest
    Request.. Need arkedo series bundle: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...-ps3-tomorrow/

  6. #8286
    ariark Guest

    Red Face

    Quote Originally Posted by JeoWay View Post
    Most likely its because its from an External drive. Depending on your USBs read speed, it may takes hour to load.
    thanks for the reply... it turns out went i split the file ...some of the file have zero kb in pak23 folder so that's the reason why i stuck at loading so i have to split it again for it to have no zero kb... but then i decided not to try and split it again and see if i can play from internal one more time... after 4 days of trying to find a solution... i dunno why and why its the reason that i can't start playing The last of us...

    well what i did was i extracted the file again, delete the old one from internal and i also delete the game file and transfer it again. i used the original eboot, EBOOT_oring.BIN... then i delete EBOOT.BIN duplex version... and this time i change the file name EBOOT_oring.BIN to EBOOT ... i deleted the _oring.BIN

    i dunno is it because i delete the BIN at the end, is the reason that the game start to work, well before that i edit EBOOT_oring.BIN to EBOOT.BIN i kept the .BIN and i got nothing stuck at the last of us logo... well anyways the game start flawlessly ... even the loading was fast no lagging or what so ever... now I'm very happy it works at last...

  7. #8287
    rodweygantjr Guest
    Does anyone have a working star trek cfw 3.55 fix available, the one I am trying to use is not working...?

  8. #8288
    Greg70 Guest
    Hi I find fix 3.55 for Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch I start game like never before game instal np then I can choice language after that I have main screen and I press New Game and after this freeze but its big different with this fix

    Here you go: http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/23699613/file.html

    Somebody maybe try update it to normal working thank you

  9. #8289
    rodweygantjr Guest
    I am looking for a 3.55 Last of Us, Fix - I have tried 2 from the thread but they are not working, goes back to XB screen without an error, is there a trick to getting it to work?

  10. #8290
    tapuPS3 Guest
    NEW: The last of us update 1.01 for 3.4/3.55 from master opoisso893

    BCES01584 - Update 1.01 - Need official 1.01
    fix http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/4...al101.7z_links

    BCES01585 - Update 1.01 - Need official 1.01
    fix http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1...al101.7z_links

    BCUS98174 - Update 1.01 - Need official 1.01
    fix http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/F...al101.7z_links
    credits to opoisso893 for the FIX.

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