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    yes the 33gb game, I am unable to get any of the links to download the pieces

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    Links below..

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    hey guys i have 3.55 kmeaw cfw, i used last of us fix but when i launch game first a black screen shows up then game will close and not running!

    i used to enable bd mirror but nothing changed, please help can someone tell me the exact size of full version the last of us

    maybe my game is broken
    mine is 35,108,946,577 byte
    32,6 gb

    help.. and i running the game from internal hard

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    damn so check this out guys i am trying to use two 1tb external hard drives, ok now when i try to start a game from the second external hard drive, games all kick back to the xmb, are we only allowed to use 1 externall hdd at a time, games show up and scan, but wont start, i put the 2nd hdd in the slot i had hdd1 in and the games do start, but wont when they are both connected, is it just me or is that straight up the case

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    same case as me... it wont read both external HD together...

    mines the ripped version 27 gb... some ppl got it to work on either internal or external with same cfw same me and same version... but me i just can't seem to make it to work on both internal and external... which confuses me on what i did wrong...

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    i've noticed this too. i can only have 1 ext hdd at a time. i restart and swap hdds before turning back on and restart mm and the other one works, but only 1 at a time. its no big deal to me but they used to both work at once. strange eh.

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    Is pretty weird wonder if it was an update or something with the way multiman works or what well damn i guess its no biggie but still, if i want to play this game, then go to that one, i cant if its on another drive, thinking of grabbing the 2tb portable, that should suffice for awhile lol

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    I'm using 3 externals and they all work together fine, but I have to use a powered USB multi adapter, otherwise, they won't get enough power from the PS3 alone to run together.

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    so just wondering for the last of us ... with external HD anyone had problem stuck after selecting language and difficulty and after start new game the loading section where there this supposedly animated dust flying around... just kept loading and loading endlessly.... well i past the last of us logo problem and now im facing this problem...

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    Most likely its because its from an External drive. Depending on your USBs read speed, it may takes hour to load.

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