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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyshamble501 View Post
    Does this really working ?? So far I know there is no working SAVE fix for 3.55...

    There is fix for the game to LOAD but no fix for save game like ds 3 & ng3 razor blade...

    The file link that you requested is not valid.

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    can you upload the resident evil fix (BLES01773-(EURO)) again please because its down.


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    Here it is:

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    salam maleikum

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    i heard there is a problem with the saves on 3.55 for res evil revelations. can someone confirm the fix works? after you exit the game cand you load the saves? thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by abankmino View Post
    and please fix the link? i can't open it.
    I have now fixed the link in his post here:

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    i just wanna ask, i get info from local gamestore that in order to play Metro Last Light, i need CFW Rogero 4.40 and Iris Manager (to speed up the loading process), is that true? Can i play it on CFW 4.31 with Multiman 4.30?

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    i played on rebug 4.21.2... flawlessly with no problem... fast loading btw

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    any fix for fuse 3.55? interested to see what the games like. thanks!

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    Arkedo Series Bundle please upload

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