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  1. #8151
    derbico Guest
    can someone put working links dead space 3 to 3.55 with working save?

  2. #8152
    tapuPS3 Guest
    Finally after a very long search, i found the DLC for GranTurismo 5 - BCUS98114. Inside you will find the pkg with rap files needed for activation. Important guys, for this to work you will need reactpsn 2.26 to activate the DLC. I have tested the dlc and it works. The cars will be in the dealership offers. Don't make like me to look for it almost a hour , before i realize where to look )

    The link is: http://uploaded.net/file/vkpg7it7

    Extract the rar archive and there they are. Enjoy the ride. PSN games down loader and DLC, RAP files finder and downloader. Guys i can't remember when this was posted but i will post it again, a very big help for this tool in finding the DLC you want and get it, along with the files needed for activation .

    Credits go to the original creator, here you go the link: psnstuff_ver_1.81.rar

    This tool give me the DLC i was looking for. Thanks to all who made this project go out for the public.

  3. #8153
    Yrathore Guest

    Exclamation GTA IV link

    Guys plz give me link for working GTA IV on rogero 4.40 cfw. i want to play the game but its keep loading plz help me out and help me for dead island riptide too.

    i have dead island riptide antidote but its not working on rogero 4.40

    thanks in advance

  4. #8154
    Azrial Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by derbico View Post
    can someone put working links dead space 3 to 3.55 with working save?
    There is no working saves on DS3 for 3.55, you need to upgrade to 4.40 to be able to save.

  5. #8155
    ERNDOG Guest
    hello, thanks for your work, any way i can the fix for DRAGON'S LAIR games or a link in how to do it, thanks

  6. #8156
    Azrial Guest
    Both GTA IV and Dead Island Riptide should work on 4.40, I've got them on Rebug 4.30.2 spoofed to 4.41 and they work without issues.

  7. #8157
    tmznix Guest
    I was having the same problem with Dead Island Riptide.

    I got it working with the BD-mirror option set in Multiman, and on an external HDD.

  8. #8158
    Daveyshamble501 Guest

    Resident Evil Revelations 3.55 (EURO) fix by Daveyshamble501


    Hi everyone, I've knocked up this little fix for all you Resident Evil lovers on 3.55 (myself being one those still Rocking 3.55 )Just replace the corresponding files, click BD mirror an external in Multi-man and start from the xmb with a disc in the drive... Also plz read the readme file in the download.



  9. #8159
    Azrial Guest
    Also be aware that the first time you load it via MultiMAN it will take ages to verify it, about 15 minutes or so, your console hasn't crashed, just be patient.

    After the first time, it's take seconds to verify it.

  10. #8160
    abankmino Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyshamble501 View Post
    Is this fix able to save and load?

    and please fix the link? i can't open it.

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