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  1. #8091
    senseihEnRY Guest
    the link for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is not working T_T

    btw, i got Red Dead Redemption and Top Spin 4 from my friend, unfortunately both are not working on my cfw 4.31 PS3. My friend told me to installed the game into HDD but it still not working. Every time i try to start it, it goes back to the xmb with an error message. Anyone can help?

  2. #8092
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Install multiMan 4.30.00 & install all its update. Then try your games putting in both internal & external. It will work.

    And Far Cry 3 blood dragon will work in Rogero cfw 4.40 (though I am still on Rogero 4.30).

  3. #8093
    senseihEnRY Guest
    i'm really a newbie here so forgive me to ask, what is the difference between multiman base dex, cex, and stealth? which one should i installed?

  4. #8094
    Yrathore Guest


    Guys I need your support can you please give me some working link for ps3 duplex patch?

    I need Sniper Elite V2 and ghost warrior's link for duplex, I had dongle fw but now i upgrade to rogero 4.40 cfw

    plz guys help me, i want to play that game too in my current cfw

    thanks in advance

  5. #8095
    mschumacher69 Guest
    Dude, you don't need eboot patches if you're on 4.xx CFW. eboot patches are only needed for 3.55 CFWs.

  6. #8096
    pauliux963 Guest
    I think you need to resign the Eboot. Or am I wrong?

  7. #8097
    mschumacher69 Guest
    You don't need to resign anything, retail games work out of the box on 4.xx CFWs!

  8. #8098
    Liongooder Guest
    Hello everybody, you just need to download the original eboot for each game, check this thread for original eboots


    Have a nice day.

  9. #8099
    Liongooder Guest
    Just in case you didn't find what you're looking for here is the eboot links

    Sniper Elite V2

    Sniper Ghost Warrior

    Again, have a nice day.

  10. #8100
    kolabi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by senseihEnRY View Post
    the link for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is not working T_T
    Far Cry 3 blood dragon 3.55: http://rghost.net/45795003

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