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  1. #8041
    fiercebeastace Guest
    Probably the Injustice Among the Gods has a patch for that just like in Mortal Kombat. There were some moves that did not work but when the patch was applied then the special moves worked for that game. Hoping for a 3.55 fix!!!

  2. #8042
    GopherTee Guest
    This can easily be done with the decrypter.

  3. #8043
    kombat75 Guest
    Do it and post your work here..

  4. #8044
    Rachid Guest
    far cry 3 please eboot

  5. #8045
    Azrial Guest
    Far Cry 3 was done months ago.

  6. #8046
    Rachid Guest
    where is ? can you give me ?

  7. #8047
    diablo3 Guest
    Hi everybody I'm new on this forum, have a question does the PSN Games Decrypted for PS3 Custom Firmware works on rogero 4.40 v103 with latest mm ?

    thanks in advance

  8. #8048
    Azrial Guest
    Search on this site, I don't have it or need it, as I'm not on 3.55

  9. #8049
    msam17 Guest
    Tomb Raider BLUS01780 DUPLEX stuck at black screen after installing trophies. Rogero 4.3 V 2.5. MM 4.30 Tried all options without and with 1.01, 1.03 updates internal external.With and without BD mirror. No luck. Tried BLES01780_A0101-341-355 by opoisso893 NeedOfficial101 fix still no luck.

    Is there any specific method or patch for this duplex release to work on Rogero 4.3 2.5 ? Or If I move to 4.4 will this work?

  10. #8050
    Azrial Guest
    I don't have Rogero my self, but I found the 3.55 fix worked great with Rebug 4.30.2

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