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    Zer0z Guest
    Thanks Azrial. Is it just a matter of putting the update on a USB stick and updating through the xmb or do I have to go through the whole process all over again?

    Azrial the only version I found is what I have Rogero CFW CEX 4.30 v2.05. I did find Rebug 4.30.2 REX Edition. thanks!

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    Azrial Guest
    I have Rebug CFW CEX 4.30 v1, which works great, found off this site, I have no idea if Rebug or Rogero is better, I just went with Rebug, as they've been around for a while, and made some great apps for 3.55, so I trusted that, and saw no negative feedback for it, been playing everything I did previously without issues (except a few older PSN games) I just followed a guide from this site to upgrade via a USB stick and sticking the .pup file on it, took about 5 minutes to do via the XMB.

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    redrocket Guest
    Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix jp appears to be working on rogero 4.31 V2.

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    Zer0z Guest
    Thanks Azrial, I think I will switch to Rebug also, I think I should of went with that in the first place because of the same reasons but I noticed most people were using Rogero. Live and learn

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    Azrial Guest
    A few groups only recommend Rebug as well, which is pretty much all the convincing I needed, happy with it so far, no issues at all, and back online within a day.

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    redrocket Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by redrocket View Post
    Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix jp appears to be working on rogero 4.31 V2.
    My apologies, I was able to get in the main screen where i have to choose between KHFinalmix, KHcom and KH358. Both Finalmix and Com boot me back to XMB while KH358 seems to working fine. Looks like we gotta wait for a proper patch for this game.

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    FiREFLOOd Guest
    After reading many questions about upgrading to a higher firmware then 3.55, I decided myself to upgrade from the ever faithful 3.55 KMEAW to 4.31.2 REX Rebug. I've been testing a lot games already, no real troubles all work normally without doing anything.

    I have over 1,5 tb of games, so I'm checking them all to see if they all work. Most work with the cracked eboot.bin files. Only one needed replacing with the original eboot.bin file.

    I understand it a little off-topic, my apologies. Love the 4.31.2 REX Rebug!

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    wwywong Guest
    After hearing so many good things from REBUG REX 4.31.2, I might as well leap from the great 3.55Kmeaw... might be worth it. My last questions:

    1.) since official fw 4.40 is out already, anything they are working on to deal with this issue? Or it's still a non-issue for now?
    2.) how is the version spoofing in REBUG working? Is it just a switch, or file replacement, or else?
    3.) if I want to rollback from REBUG REX 4.31.2 to 3.55Kmeaw, is it easy? (just flash the fw, no need to play with flags, etc.)
    4.) how is reactPSN working with REBUG REX? Is it already part of the fw? Or I need to install another version of reactPSN? I am currently running a very old version of reactPSN

  9. #7979
    Azrial Guest
    Nice to see people taking the plunge and going balls deep into 4.30, best thing I ever did.

    wwywong 4.40 isn't an issues any more, there's and update out for Rebug that spoofs you up to 4.40, so you can go back online again within minutes. Apparently yes it's easy to go back to 3.55 if you ever wanted to (no idea why you would though) as long as your PS3 is QA flagged.

    Not used ReactPSN yet, no idea how to get that to work, but from what I hear, there's something programmed into Rebug and Rogero 4.30 from what I've read on numerous PS2 torrents, but I think you still have to install it.

  10. #7980
    FiREFLOOd Guest

    1/2) Just install the update. After this go to the toolbox (install it after you have installed the REX 4.31.2) and go in rebug mode. You're spoofed.

    3) Be sure to QA flag your ps3 before updating and removing any game discs before updating. If I am not mistaking you just can install KMEAW 3.55 right back on top of the 4.31.2 REX.

    4) No idea! Sure I'm going to check this out because of the PS2 game titles that can be played.

    Later mate!

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