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    Sejuice Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sairimmer View Post
    Is it just me or does Army of Two 3 after playing for a bit on cfw 3.55 (maybe 30 minutes or so) sometimes the ps3 will shut it self off. Is it because it's overheating? Or maybe a defective patch? I've even tried tried installing the game on the internal ps3 hdd. Just wondering if anyone is also running into this problem.
    Army of 3 froze for me 3-4 times in the shop screen, on a full playthru.

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    Daimn Guest
    Have anybody made the 3.55 fix for kingdom hearts 1.5 ?

  3. #7963
    ariark Guest
    hi .... just to say i went rebug and at last and i get to play Ni no kuni.... btw now im on rebug can i use the same 3.55 fix (the three beep) for Tomb Rider or do i need to put back the original eboot to play it...

    Edit: nevermind ... turns out the (three beep restart) 3.55 fix happens on kmeaw 3.55 didn't occur on rebug, it quit the game smoothly without restarting the PS3...

  4. #7964
    MateoGodlike Guest
    Send me the EBOOT.bin and Param.sfo in a message. I'll give it a go.

  5. #7965
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    kingdom hearts is completely in japanese no english subs or anything just so you know

  6. #7966
    Daimn Guest
    All right, cool. Check your messages

  7. #7967
    SeXMachine29 Guest

    nba jam on fire cfw 4.30 fix + edat file

    can someone upload nba jam on fire fire edition cfw 4.30 fix + .edat file?

  8. #7968
    kombat75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    kingdom hearts is completely in japanese no english subs or anything just so you know
    I hear the voice is ON ENGLISH... Ayyone try it before...

  9. #7969
    Zer0z Guest
    Anyone else having problems with Bio-shock infinite on Rogero 2.0? I get black screen after PS3 move screens.


  10. #7970
    Azrial Guest
    Upgrade Rogero to 4.31.2, no issues with Bioshock then, works flawlessly.

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