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    lxmadrid Guest
    Army of Two patch works. Played through the tutorial and the first section.

    Truth be told, this game is pretty bad and that's coming from someone who enjoyed the first two (especially part 2 where they had pretty big set-piece moments, nice venues, and even a pseudo morality system). Devil's Cartel is pretty ugly which doesn't make sense because you'd think they'd just re-use the same assets from the previous games and the effects and presentation just come off as amateurish. There is a literally and in-game cut scene in the beginning where an RPG is fired at a truck and instead of an explosion there is just a red flash on screen.

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    Azrial Guest
    I had an explosion!

    The buildings look pretty boxy at the start, but the characters seem decent, and it does get better a little further in game, when you start leveling up your merc and getting new weapons.

  3. #7933
    kolabi Guest
    i agree , Army of Two is not that bad at all, i would give it a 14 to 16 score /20

  4. #7934
    msam17 Guest
    Is there any problem in deleting the "PS3_UPDATE" folder from games. I am on 3.55CFW. If I delete these folder from my complete game collection I can save around 10GB space in my hard disk.

  5. #7935
    lxmadrid Guest
    I'll give it a little more time then. Thanks

  6. #7936
    tomi666 Guest
    No, delete it. I do this for all my games.

  7. #7937
    kombat75 Guest
    Sorry to requested this eboot.. Not sure if this eboot has been release on 3.55 before.

    Zone of Enders Collection HD and NBA 2K13 & Heavy Fire Shatterd

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    AdilAliraqe Guest

    Thumbs Up

    God of War Ascension 20.1 GB - ALSALAM W ALEEKOM

    As in the title in this way make God of War Ascension just 21 GB

    Replace The Original Files With These files


    Mark USRDIR as in the picture

    Working on
    355 AND 430

    Thanks to all

  9. #7939
    ariark Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    Cool... You mean there is new release by DUPLEX RIP Version with 21.1GB only??

    I need to search then... Thanx for the info ariark.
    sure no probs... btw this RIP version is without multiplayer

    ... anyways can anyone pls upload link for all the fix for DLC Assassin creed 3 for 3.55....

  10. #7940
    msam17 Guest
    Is there any way to play GOWA multiplayer on 3.55CFW ?

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