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    Sep 2010
    the testament of sherlock holmes not work with rogero 2.5. help

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    Red Face Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (BLJM60527) fix

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (BLJM60527) fix by opoisso893

    Thanks opoisso893 for the retail fix: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (BLJM60527) (with savegame)

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    Nov 2012
    My Experience with GOWA, it is working fine from external 3.55. Downloaded the Duplex release, replaced the files from Duplex Eboot patch for 3.55 (Param, Eboot and TOPDIR) then from USDIR removed EXTRASCIN1.PSARC, EXTRASCIN2.PSARC, MP-RESOURCES.PSARC, MULTIPLAYER.PSARC. Open Archives with notepad edited the first line. 19 changed to 15 deleted the 4 lines (EXTRASCIN1.PSARC, EXTRASCIN2.PSARC, MP-RESOURCES.PSARC, MULTIPLAYER.PSARC).

    I had tough time for extracting the duplex release what I have downloaded from usenet because some of the files CRC were not matching. However, by aldostools (checked for CRC integrity) managed to find out the defective rar files and fixed it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Just my experience with GOWA (3.55 Kmeaw, 4.31 SEN spoof). I tried creating 0 bytes files for the 2 big psarc and those language psarc, but just that was not enough. Still need to delete those lines in the ARCHIVES and LOCALIZED_ARCHIVES in order to make it work. Hated the duplex screen but I could care less as long as the game is working. Now working fine in external!
    good to know, I dummied up the same files but haven't tested yet. If it doesnt boot at least I know to change the ARCHIVE files, thanks

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    And the LOCALIZED_ARCHIVES file too, if you remove any language files. Although I won't recommend you do so, since all language files are only adding to 1GB total space, and sometimes I see some text "blank" because it might be using GREEK even when your language is english. I will put back my language files and see if that helps.

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    Aug 2012
    so cool... God Of War works great on kmeaw 3.55 external with Disc...

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    can anyone know how to work Disgaea 4 dlc? please help

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    Mar 2011
    How did you get it work on external ?

    Did you delete any files.

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    All you have to do is split the big file with ps3splitter transfer to external let multiman copy the 9 gb file to the internal and thats it

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    Nov 2012
    You don't even need the big file, as it's nothing to do with the game, it's a making of video, without that file, you can happily transfer it to an external and it will run fine.

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