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  1. #7891
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Azrial View Post
    Hi, is there a 4.20 fix that doesn't involve transferring the game to an internal drive?
    Try this one: UP0700-BLUS31066_00-NARUTONS3PATCH00-A0101-V0100-PE_fw0.00.pkg

  2. #7892
    kombat75 Guest
    You guys mean GOWA can be play on EXTERNAL HDD ? I try to copies over to External but the files is too big.

    If can how you guys doing by deleting any files ?

  3. #7893
    oVERSoLDiER Guest

  4. #7894
    sambo71 Guest
    Cool ! glad others got it working for them with different methods. didnt mean to spread any disinformation. was only trying to help , by sharing what i had to do to get it working on my machine.

  5. #7895
    gspot Guest
    Any one on Rogero 4.30 get this working? I start it up and i get black screen then back to XMB. I'm running on an external drive so I deleted the 9gb file and update the archive file in the same directory. Replaced the eboot and param files, and tried before and after updating the game to 1.01. Same thing every time; black screen then back to XMB.

  6. #7896
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Yeah I got it working on Rogero 4.30 without doing anything... the release has been patched for 4.30 as the info file said... but to play I don't think you should remove the big file... I use multiman 4GSplit utility to split the big file and upon loading, multiMan will rejoin it back and copy to internal... so that the game could load successfully... I tried that and it worked perfectly... I even updated the latest update with MultiMan and it still works... great game by the way! very bloody awesome!

  7. #7897
    DMagic1 Guest
    I'm on Rogero 4.30, have it on the internal with all files and all it kicks back to the xmb after a black screen also.

  8. #7898
    appache777 Guest
    I'm on rogero 2.05 i got to work without doing anything i even beat the game without a single problem.

  9. #7899
    Azrial Guest
    Worked brilliantly, thank you.

  10. #7900
    DMagic1 Guest
    What did you use to patch version, resigned to 3.56+?

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