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  1. #7881
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    StanSmith here is the tutorial for how to use latest ReActPSN: Quick use instructions:

    Hold R1 while running ReActPSN in order to backup and convert your RIF files to RAP files.

    Hold Circle while running ReActPSN in order to generate EDAT files for C00 type demos and convert them into full games, or to fix EDAT files for PS1 games/minis.

    Hold Triangle while running ReActPSN in order to FIX DLC SELF files.

    Hold nothing while running ReActPSN in order to convert RAP files from the USB_DRIVE/exdata folder to RIF files (prior to this, create a new user profile named "aa" without the quotation marks).

  2. #7882
    Steepljack Guest
    many thanks for the list

  3. #7883
    sambo71 Guest
    anyone actually get GoW A working ? all i get is a duplex screen , then back to XMB . and thats after declining to update to 1.01

  4. #7884
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    What about using this ?


    Date : 03-2013 Languages: English
    Platform : PS3 CFW 3.40+/4.20+ Genre : Action

    Release Info:

    The eboot in our initial release was patched for 4.30 CFW. We now provide you a 3.40/3.55 CFW patch along with a 4.20 CFW patch. Beware 3.40/3.55 saves are working, but not compatible with 4.20+ saves.


  5. #7885
    sambo71 Guest
    i'm on rogero 4.21 v2.00. finally got it working. i took original eboot , clicked on patch version, resigned to 3.56+ , replaced in usrdir. now i dont get duplex logo , just decline update to 1.01 and it starts right up. the original eboot was in the torrent i downloaded. not sure if the patch version , or resign , or both are needed. but thats what i did , and i got to the language selection screen.

    i used all the files , except the update pup. about to re-try after deleting the PS3EXTRASCIN1 & 2 files and all languages except english. i extracted the ps3extracin psarc's on my pc , they are just "making of " videos.

    Edit: ok , removing ANY files caused it to crash for me. i tried just adding greek back in , as that is one of the choices at the lang select screen , the other is default . then tried adding all languages , then EXTRASCIN1, and still wouldnt work. only when i added extrascin2 , did it load.

    the only file i left out was PS3UPDAT pup i left update folder , but probably don't need it. maybe you can extract EXTRASCIN2.psarc and remove some of the videos inside and repack , to lower file size .. i don't know for sure , and i am tired of messing with it and ready to play !

    also , i have 1040 items in my .ps3 keys file i use in aldo's tools , and other tools. i gathered them from various places here on ps3news. so maybe i have some , that others dont. if someone will pm me how to upload it and paste link here , i will.

    others , on different CFW's may have different results , but this is what worked for me.

    hope this helps

  6. #7886
    stingray1059 Guest
    so its ok to delete ps3extrascin1 and 2?

  7. #7887
    sambo71 Guest
    no , you need all files. i made another post , but said mod had to approve before it would show. YOU NEED ALL FILES FOR THIS TO WORK.

    hope this helps

  8. #7888
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    God of War: Ascension 3.55 FIX: http://www.mediafire.com/?il3b3j1jccvhdr6

  9. #7889
    tulla2010 Guest
    This is NOT true, I have GOW running of external, removed the EXTRASCIN1&2 files (the 4gb+ one) & then edited the ARCHIVE file removing the deleted files from the list & the game runs flawlessly.

    All thats in the deleted files are extra movies which are NOT needed to play the game.

  10. #7890
    romeo22 Guest
    Is this working discless. my blu ray is broken

    I mean GOW Ascension. Is it working without blu ray inside

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