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    Jul 2012
    yeah , i didn't download any languages or fonts except english , or the updat PUP. got mine down to 33.7 GB. my 12 megabit/second connection has been fluctuating , but in 6 hours i have 63.6 % and have averaged 1.0 mega bytes / second. it has topped out at 1.3MB/s , but also had times when was under 1kB/s.

    hoping to stay awake long enough to ftp it over and play. i hope the trophies will sync , as my DmC trophies just refuse to . haven't played anything newer than that since .. my psn id is sick6sam , if anyone wants to friend me

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    Apr 2011
    I made a fix to Atelier Ayesha for kmew3.55, BLUS31152 (release Duplex). Please check and write here. play the kmew3.55+rogero and multiman, reached the first major city already.

    p.s. sorry for google translator

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    Jun 2012
    Is this eboot fix for 3.55?

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    I think it's pretty cool that lot's of people are still holding out on cfw 3.55 even though it's so much more convenient to just hop on rogero 4.30 or take advantage of the numerous rebug rex 4.21 benefits... I miss the stability of my Kmeaw because Rogero has a lot of issues but it's my understanding that Rex is rock solid...

    Anyway, this GOW: ascension patch is going to make modding saves a pain because some are 3.55, some are 4.20, 4.21, 4.30 & 4.31... not compatible with each others saves... Oh well.

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    Jun 2012
    Does someone know if GOWA is playable without that big PSARC? 40GB PHAT here, it holds 30.6GB with only multiman installed.

    (it was 32.1GB some months ago...maybe something got corrupted...).

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    Jan 2010

    God of War : Ascension
    Date : 03-2013 Languages: See below
    Platform : PS3 CFW 4.30 Genre : Action

    Game has a bigfile - play from internal hdd only, enjoy!
    Languages: en fr de sp it pt ru gr tr pl

    Mirror from Chrisr9191:


    Date : 03-2013 Languages: English
    Platform : PS3 CFW 3.40+/4.20+ Genre : Action

    Release Info:

    The eboot in our initial release was patched for 4.30 CFW. We now provide you a 3.40/3.55 CFW patch along with a 4.20 CFW patch. Beware 3.40/3.55 saves are working, but not compatible with 4.20+ saves.

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    Post Capcom Arcade Cabinet (NPUB30769) 3.41-3.55 nosavegame/replay

    Fix 3.41-3.55 + DLC + UNLOCKER : Capcom Arcade Cabinet (NPUB30769) Tested CFW 3.55 rebug on XMB

    Download: Capcom.Arcade.Cabinet.DLC+FIX3.55.rar

    Sorry for the momment no savegame/replay in cfx 3.41/3.55

    for info (key sprx) :

    Decrypt: libgotch_1942.sprx
    Content ID: UP0102-NPUB30769_00-CACC0255PACKALLX
    Done! Offset: 4044778 -> 0x003DB7EA
    Key found: 36BAD25595801CDCA6E30319AF7826CE

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    Does this mean that the game does not work without replacing an EBOOT even on 4.21 REBUG?

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    Hey guys any of you know how to fix dlc so you can play them just by installing a dlc.fix? Instead of reactpsn ? please i could not find any tutorials

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    Feb 2012
    When you download DLC it usually comes with a fix.

    Reactpsn was good back on 3.55 days but now its does nothing. I could never get it working. It needs a menu not button presses as I never know which buttons to press for what action.

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