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    hey69 Guest
    anybody has a link for Trials?

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    OseM Guest
    I have a request to opoisso893..... PLEASE fix: Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed ( BLES01646 ) !!!

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    Steel2skin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yayes View Post
    i, and other can confirm this working. do you want me to upload video first?

    BTW what firmware do you use?

    its patch for PSN Style game (you load game from XMB)
    I've followed the install instructions on the naruto ninja storm 3 post and get it to load up until the start screen. When i press start it says the save data doesnt match and if i want to overwrite it when i press "yes" it gives me an error saying save data could not be created and forces me to quit. If you have a solution Let me Know. TY. Again i'm on 3.55 and the above Patch is said to only be tested on 4.20+ firmware.

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    gtav Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yayes View Post
    Self Made PSN Game Tomb Raider BLES01780
    Thanks it works for Rebug 4.30

    your Rockstar North

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    yayes Guest
    have you try deleted your save data?

    currently i don't have 3.55 machine and i'm too lazy to downgrade my console so i only test it at 4.21+ CFW

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    I once saw that same error message on one game I tried.. I then went and deleted my saved data file from XMB and launch the game again and no more error. You should try that.

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    Steel2skin Guest
    The thing is i dont have any save data for the game atleast not any that i can see on the XMB menu. Ive tried looking or ninja storm 3 save data and their isnt any to be found so i dont know exactly what i should be trying to delete.

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    wwywong Guest

    Test on Metal Gear Rising and Tomb Raider

    Hi all, here is my test result on Metal Gear Rising (EUR) and Tomb Raider(EUR)

    to put it in perspective, I am on 3.55Kmeaw (SEN spoof to 3.41), running MultiMan2.09.02

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance BLES01750
    (no need BDMirror option in MM)

    1.00 (Original version)
    METAL_GEAR_RISING_REVENGEANCE_Fix-341-355.rar - work
    MGRR.rar - not tested

    1.01 (need official 1.01 patch)
    Metal.Gear.Rising.Revengeance.Upate.1.01-BLES01750-opoisso893.pkg - work
    Metal.Gear.Rising.Revengeance.Upate.1.01-BLES01750-propJOE.pkg - doesn't work; hang when first creating savegame

    by work I mean going into the game and playing up to the first metal gear boss (which is not a lot)

    Tomb Raider BLES01780
    (need BDMirror option in MM)

    1.00 (Original version)
    TombRaider_BLES01780_355Fix.7z - not tested
    TombRaider_BLES01780_Retail-Fix-341-355 by opoisso893.7z - not tested
    PS3.Tomb.Raider.3.55.Fix.ConsoleGameBox.rar - not tested

    1.01 (need official 1.01 patch)
    TombRaider_BLES01780_A0101-341-355 by opoisso893 - NeedOfficial101.7z - work

    by work I mean after the water scene, drop from the hanging stuff, and walk around in the caves (again, not a lot of time to test)

    The reason for some of them not tested is I stop testing once a game works in the highest patch version. If 1.01 work, no point to test 1.00.

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    evilpdor Guest
    Full ENG PKG Tomb Raider PSN (Self Made PSN credits by yayes)
    Patch 1.01 is inside pkg, no upgrade need.

    The game work well in rogero CFW 4.30 v2.05, no crash/reboot when pressing PS button.

    only 4.4GB in 9 part. password: multiplayer-italia.com


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I approved it but from now on please don't post lameass 'paid' redirects here, as we only allow direct download links per the Site Rules.

    Also from Duplex today comes Atelier.Ayesha.The.Alchemist.of.Dusk.PS3-DUPLEX for those following!

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