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    Quote Originally Posted by Delita View Post
    What is parasite Eve 2's password??
    Password: ps3.iso

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    is it just me or will this fix (UP4123-NPUZ00119_00-ANGRYBIRDSFIX000.pkg) work with wakeboarding HD because every wakeboarding HD fix I download from this thread is this angrybirds fix. Is it a mistake or does the fix work for wakeboardingHD?

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    HeyManHRU its here on our site in this thread !! I couldn't belive it too as i have seen it. I loved that game

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    And might I add regarding LARA CROFT + 5DLC (new fixed version) there are 2 .pkg files (main game & 5DLC) + fix (.edat files)

    From install package files start UP0082-NPUB30225_00-LARACROFTGOL0000.pkg from your console. If you wish to add 5 DLC to game then install UP0082-NPUB30225_00-DLC12345FIXED000.pkg. The contents of the FIX folder from the archive exdata copy the folder /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/ (Instead of the number 00000001 may be more, dependent on whether the first user or more users), if you have not entered into PSN, then exdata folders cannot be found, then you must create it yourself.

    No .pkg FIX or PATCH as with other games.

    Quote Originally Posted by alwayshungry View Post
    is it just me or will this fix (up4123-npuz00119_00-angrybirdsfix000.pkg) work with wakeboarding hd because every wakeboarding hd fix i download from this thread is this angrybirds fix. Is it a mistake or does the fix work for wakeboardinghd?

    Wakeboarding hd fix:

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    Thanks, someone should back and fix those post a mod or someone. Again thanks.

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    There is something true in it. I efford the REAL hard work of pr0p0sitionJOE big +rep to you. But it would be nice if (maybe some one other) would bring this all together in one file e.g. txt, pdf or what ever.

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    Aarrhhh! Gave Delita guy wrong password for Eve 2. Here's the real password and links:


    Full game: (password: ps3iso)

    and little extra:

    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
    Full game:
    FIX: (.edat)

    Full game:
    Patch: (not neccesary, fix enough)

    Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
    Full game:
    FIX: (apply before DLC)
    DLC1 & 2:

    Wakeboarding HD
    Full game:

    Gatling Gears
    Full game:
    FIX: (.edat file)

    Big thanks to EXEtrimALL.

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    Does anyone know is moon diver works on 3.41?

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    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE, nice work.

    I was just about to ask for that password too!

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    Just wanted to let you know that Hissatsu has come through for all those still on 3.41 wanting to play RE4 HD for example. over at ps3iso he has a thread with modified fixes for the games that require it.

    Here's his fix for RE4 HD that I know a lot of people want:

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