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  1. #7781
    ValKyRieS Guest
    You could actually, continue from the save point after the system reboot and all is fine by then, from a few hours I've playing at least.

  2. #7782
    tapuPS3 Guest
    I don't know if someone else posted this but here is the fix with the DLC for NFS-Most Wanted with update 1.03 for CFW 3.55. All credits goes to opoisso893

    Links :
    BLES01659 - update 1.03 + Duplex DLC - Need Official update 1.03

    BLUS31010 - update 1.03 + Duplex DLC - Need Official update 1.03

    Have fun !

  3. #7783
    Azrial Guest
    And where can I get a save past the intro?

  4. #7784
    ValKyRieS Guest
    After cinematic opening (Lara in the water) the screen will fade black and you will stuck at "loading" screen but will be able to go back to main menu or quit game, the console will be reboot though. then you could continue your game after reboot as the save should be created when you stuck at "loading" screen.

  5. #7785
    moeincasillas Guest
    Azrial Thanks

  6. #7786
    Azrial Guest
    Nope I don't even get that far, I see Lara in the water, for about 2 seconds, and then the screen/graphics lock up with loads of noise, and that's it, I don't even get to a loading screen, happens every time, with every 3.55 fix I've tried, I'm guessing it's probably a bad FTP, but now for some reason, Filezilla won't even connect to my PS3 when in MultiMan mode, something has gone very wrong.

  7. #7787
    shawork Guest
    A Big Bug in Tomb Raider....

  8. #7788
    elser1 Guest
    looks like an aweful game. i wont be getting it and the trophys suck too.

    oh well theres plenty of games to get other than this crap

  9. #7789
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Guys plz reupload old PSN game fixes... all rghost links for fixes are dead... T_T

    Need mashroom wars (NPUB30099) DLC fix which is just around 4MB (was uploaded as MushWDLC FIX.zip in rghost) and Zen Pinball 2 duplex (direct download link will be helpful)... plz guys... T_T

  10. #7790
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You can find Zen.Pinball.2.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post451717.

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