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    StanSmith Guest
    Yep, I used that Duplex patch. The first time it didn't work but the 2nd time it did, it comes up with "syncing Trophies" or something like that.

    Then later when I went to play it a 1.01 patch popped up. I installed it but it black screened. I turned off BD-mirror and it now gets to the "syncing Trophies" then black screens. Doesn't matter what I try it now gets to that then black screens.

    I'm gonna have a go at patching the update and see how that goes. Oh, something interesting. Tomb Raider works with Remote Play in the Vita. Nice to see Lara gone portable.

    Oh, and no I couldn't get it working at all when I patched the 1.01 update. It still gets to the Trophy sync part then black screens.

  2. #7762
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Got TombRaider to load and seemed to be working fine.. I got main menu, and created new Game and everything.. it played the first cinematic video before the first level, then it's loading screen.. then it's just stands there.. if I press any button, it just appears "Loading" on screen... then disappeared... I can press Start to pause and go back to main menu.. but it won't progress into the game.. at all... any idea?

  3. #7763
    khiu Guest
    Same here unfortunately, running KMEAW 3.55.

  4. #7764
    BBoy Chrif Guest

    Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Deluxe.Bundle.DLC.PSN.P S3-DUPLEX

    Need for Speed Most Wanted Deluxe Bundle DLC PSN PS3-DUPLEX

    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yjmh6t

    Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Deluxe.Bundle.DLC.PSN.P S3-DUPLEX

    D U P L E X

    P R O U D L Y P R E S E N T S: Need for Speed Most Wanted Deluxe Bundle DLC (c) EA
    Date: 02-2013 Languages: English
    Platform: PS3 Genre: Racing

    Release Info:

    Includes three DLC Packs

    Terminal Velocity: The Amazing New Airport Location is Hot Hatch Heaven
    Need For Speed Heroes: Your Favorites From Almost 20 Years of Need For Speed
    Movie Legends: Five Classic Cars That Made Movie History


    You need the BLUS (US) release with latest update installed (1.0.3 download it for free). Install the pkg and the dlcs are unlocked

    Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release

  5. #7765
    Azrial Guest
    Any idea if the NFS Most Wanted Deluxe DLC will work with the 3.55 patch that was done?

  6. #7766
    flaviud Guest
    tomb raider works on 3.55. use bd mirror and press setting permission in multiman

  7. #7767
    ValKyRieS Guest
    You could get pass the loading screen ?

  8. #7768
    StanSmith Guest
    Oh, so that's the reason for the 2gb update.

  9. #7769
    outatime Guest
    The STAR WARS tables for Zen Pinball 2 seem to be demos only. Is there a patch or fix file I am missing?


  10. #7770
    tapuPS3 Guest
    Tomb Raider fixes:
    BLES01780 - Retail Fix
    Note : External with BD-mirror
    For the moment only one problem: when you want to quit the game with PS button, the console beeps 3 times and restarts.

    BLES01780 - update 1.01 - Need official update 1.01
    Note : same as retail fix: when you quit to xmb the console restarts.

    Congrats to opoisso893. Keep up the good work

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