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  1. #7721
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    God of War Ascension Prison of the Damned Demo fix for 3.55


  2. #7722
    eboot79 Guest

  3. #7723
    flaviud Guest
    does anybody have a link for trine or trine 2 for 3.55 version? thx

  4. #7724
    kami7861 Guest
    hello, anyone have the patch to stop crashing at loading screen on railfan ps3 please??

  5. #7725
    cool snack Guest
    hello everybody i have insalled .PATCH.103.USA.PS3-N0DRM for metal gear solid hd collection after that i have (80028f10) error (you cannot play this game at the current video setting.

    please any for that error?

    i have 3.55 cfw

  6. #7726
    lionjim Guest
    to cool snack, this is metal gear solid hd collection fix for CFW 3.55

    Link: http://letitbit.net/download/09058.0...N0DRM.rar.html

  7. #7727
    ktracho13 Guest
    can newer games like black ops to be used as backup and play them on ps3?

  8. #7728
    Azrial Guest
    Not 100% sure what you mean, but if you mean can games like Black Ops be played on a CFW console via a downloaded torrent, then yes, or do you mean can you copy the disk to the PS3 and play it without the disk, then again yes with MultiMan and a edited eboot.

  9. #7729
    OseM Guest

    Stick Out Tongue Lego LOTR 3.55 fix

    The file(s) that can be retrieved with the above link is (are):

    Lego.Lord.of.the.Rings.Update.1.02-BLUS30963-opoisso893.pkg.zip (20.635 MB)
    The file(s) will be available on the server for the next 1 day.

    My kids are so so happy!!!! tested and working

  10. #7730
    Azrial Guest
    What CFW is this for 3.55 or 4.21?

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