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    Call of Duty Classic the game does not work.. has anyone got it to run?

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    Copy file from "fix" to /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata/ (The folder '00000001' is your user profile id.)

    If you have only one profile - that is the only folder you'll see under /home/ folder. In case you have multiple profiles, copy the *.edat file to the one that you will be playing the game from. If the folder 'exdata' is not present that means you've never been logged to PSN - create it manually and put fixed file/files in it.

    PS. Some of this new games don't work on 3.41.

    You'll get a heartattack, prophet my dear. You know some guys are more resourceful then others. If answered, next time he will know what to do.

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    i have 3.55

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    In case you have multiple profiles, copy the *.edat file to the one that you will be playing the game from.

    So what do you do if you have two users me and me son? Make 2 folders for ps3 that never was online? And copy it into edat into both?

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    I'm very sorry to say that people are struggling to make this game work. It was posted with all other games as working.

    PS. Best to make 1 folder for ps3 and play games thru that user. But possible to make 2 or more.

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    I've noticed there is a new fix for Lara Croft. Is it a new fix or the same old one that I had trouble working?

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    There is no .PKG fix for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light because there is no need for one. The game is already 3.55 FW (or less) therefore it only needs the .edat file which makes your console think you purchased the game so you can play it.

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    And it depends on the size i would say. Is it logical to gen and upload a .pkg with 40MB up to 400mb for some games only for one single file that is in size of a few kb or just a few mb?

    I'll say no

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    What is parasite Eve 2's password??

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    From where did you download it?

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