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  1. #7661
    scarface1689 Guest
    so is the fix for crysis 3 confirmed to work or is it just a test?

  2. #7662
    ariark Guest
    cool now I'm in the proses of downloading metal gear rising and crisis... to bad Dead space 3 still have no proper save fix.... was so excited to play it but have to wait for it to work on 3.55... sigh...

  3. #7663
    kaitothephantom Guest
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance freezes the page to save... how can I fix this?

    my console mounts cfw dex 3.55 peek and pook

  4. #7664
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Tried using both 3.55 fixes, but all I get is a black screen and a locked up console!

  5. #7665
    kaitothephantom Guest
    AdilAliraqe you must use the eboot and PARAM.SFO modified and do not apply the pkg, but at that point I think you should be the same problem


  6. #7666
    seeman Guest
    who is still on 3.55???

  7. #7667
    rockomania Guest
    I am. Why? No time to switch. Going throught the efffort seems a little daunting right no.

  8. #7668
    yankee426 Guest
    I'm still on 3.55 just can't seem to make the jump over to 4.30. I'd have to resign a lot of games and right now that's not an option. Besides I have games I haven't played yet I should probably catch up on those first.

  9. #7669
    311fan Guest
    For those interested as I was, on 3.41 cfw, I was able to get Metal Gear Rising Revengence working with the Metal.Gear.Rising.Revengeance.EBOOT.Patch-BLES01750-opoisso893 (Mirror #3) and official update 1.01 -


    Install official first and then install opoisso893 fix.

  10. #7670
    Azrial Guest
    Still on 3.55 here too, same as yankee426 said, I have over 300 games downloaded and about another 100 PSN titles that would need resigning, I really wouldn't know where to start, not to mention it's been ages since I did my 3.55 hack, I would probably screw it up because I can't remember how I did it.

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