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  1. #7611
    lionjim Guest
    To farhad10100 this game Needs FW 4.31. but just try use 3.55 fix. i hope it work

    Edit: sorry wrong understand, The Unfinished Swan fix is fix for 4.21, I think it work on 4.30 rebug

  2. #7612
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Does anyone have a dead space 3 fix full working on 3.55 ?

  3. #7613
    kombat75 Guest
    Does anyone have Aliens.Colonial.Marines.PS3-DUPLEX Fix on 3.55 and NBA 213K Fix for 3.55?

  4. #7614
    flaviud Guest
    aliens colonial marines is already fixed for 3.55

  5. #7615
    loozak83 Guest
    thera is a fix aliens colonial marines for cfw 3.55: http://letitbit.net/download/63543.6...RINES.rar.html

    i play this game and is very good for me like Aliens part 2. Have fun

  6. #7616
    kombat75 Guest


    Sorry guys... how about this fix 3.55 Heavy.Fire.Shattered.Spear.PS3-DUPLEX

    does any have this fix..

  7. #7617
    Zer0z Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jgduff View Post
    Dead Space 3 CFW Kmeaw 3.55
    Can you please re post the DS3 linkz they are dead.

    Thank you!

  8. #7618
    eltarod Guest
    TMNT.Turtles.In.Time.ReShelled link is not working... Can someone upload it again?


  9. #7619
    flaviud Guest
    how can i resign the eboot and param for a game with 3.55 keys? thx

  10. #7620
    pedromaiaz Guest
    TrueAncestor SELF Resigner v1.85, resigning tools v1.71 or Dark Eboot Fixer v5.5... or many others

    i use those... they are user friendly but... if the game has *.sdat... it won't work. check in first if the game has that kind of files.

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