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  1. #7591
    emerk Guest
    Hi guys.

    Does anybody have the 3.55 fix for Samurai Shodown 1 & 2, also known as Samurai Spirits1 & 2 (NPJJ00049)?

    I have the game but I can't find the fix.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. #7592
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lionjim View Post
    DOUBLE DRAGON NEON for CFW 3.55 link.
    lionjim buddy, can you give me just the .edat file or any .pkg fix? I already downloaded whole PSN game. Also buddy, i am in rogero 4.30.
    And buddy need unfinished swan .edat fix or any .pkg fix will do. My little sister asking me every week when I will fix unfinished swan, I said you guys may help. Also putlocker doesn't work from my cellphone.

    Thanks so much for concern.

  3. #7593
    lionjim Guest
    to imranulferdoues. OK wait, I upload for you.

    DOUBLE DRAGON NEON edat & update fix files

    link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/1ygr...RAGON_NEON_rar

  4. #7594
    ariark Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jgduff View Post
    To a555na: When you install a "Pkg", the EBOOT and PARAM.SFO of your BLUS or BLES BKP is not important!! When you launch the game, the PS3 read only the EBOOT and the PARAM in that "Pkg" you have install.
    Hey there... i've tried your ways... just by installing the pkg from your link... but i still cant get the save file to work... i dunno what i did wrong... any solution?

  5. #7595
    lionjim Guest
    Aliens Colonial Marines BLUS30862 FIX for CFW 355

    link: http://www.putlocker.com/file/EF79507C9963C43A

    Work 100% save and load game.

  6. #7596
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Thanks so much lionjim...

    Buddy, if possible plz upload the Unfinished Swan 4.30 fix. I downloaded the PSN game but can't get any fix. All links dead.

  7. #7597
    elser1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lionjim View Post
    Aliens Colonial Marines BLUS30862 FIX for CFW 355
    will this work for duplex?

    i've only seen two releases on my site, both are eu.anyone confirm before i get eu game. thanks!

  8. #7598
    lionjim Guest
    to imranulferdoues try this link

    The Unfinished Swan 4.21/4.30

    password: ps3iso.com

    Tested and working in 4.30 Rogero CFW

    To elser1. yes this fix work for duplex blus30862 releases

    To imranulferdoues. try this the Unfinished Swan fix:


  9. #7599
    imranulferdoues Guest
    lionjim buddy putlocker doesn't work from mobile.

    Can you provide me a rghost/mediafire link?

  10. #7600
    lionjim Guest
    To imranulferdoues

    this rghost link: http://rghost.net/43661665

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