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    lionjim Guest
    to msam17, use winrar program to extract the file to Azrial, this fix 100% work save and lode game.

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    OseM Guest
    Try this Xyth..

    The link or URL you must send to the recipient(s) of your file(s) is: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id...7151270348bb1b

    The file(s) that can be retrieved with the above link is (are): The.Testament.of.Sherlock.Holmes.EBOOT.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX -.zip (7.214 MB) The file(s) will be available on the server for the next 12 hours.

  3. #7573
    Xyth Guest
    Thank you OseM

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow New fixes for 3.55

    Here are some more 3.55 fixes from pedromaiaz via PM, as follows:

    hi there, its being a long time that i didn't made a few fixes, but here they are a few working proper, they work on 3.55 and (maybe but not tested on 3.41) they all work i tested them myself

    BCES01334-[Move Mind Benders] FIX - external with bd mirror

    BLUS30166 BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition FIX - it has also a pkg for Bioshock 2 it has a big file soo only work internal, all DLC'S work

    BCUS98247-[Sly Cooper Thieves in Time] FIX - internal only and replace files *not fixed to vita* (yes it can be splited, but it takes long time to load....)

    BCUS98114 GT5 A0210-V0101 FIX - it needs in first retail update then use this pkg, it works online too

    BLUS30697 Michael Jackson - The Experience FIX - copy to internal, then replace files, and dance!

    BLES01610-Worms Collection FIX - external and install pkg's

  5. #7575
    lionjim Guest

  6. #7576
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    Just wanted to make sure did i basically make a 14gig game into a 20 gig game by doing this?? wouldn't it be faster to just ftp the 14 gigs ? saves 6 gigs like that.

    when i extract the parse file in sly cooper, am i making the game an extra 6 gigs bigger ??

  7. #7577
    msam17 Guest
    babyjoe, Yes the file size was bigger but still it is always worth saving some space from internal. Good job mate don't worry about the size and transferring time.

    Quote Originally Posted by lionjim View Post
    to msam17, use winrar program to extract the file to Azrial, this fix 100% work save and lode game.
    Lionjim, Thanks mate it worked fine.

  8. #7578
    eboot79 Guest
    Dead_Space_3_EUR_PS3-SPLiT fix for 3.55 please..

  9. #7579
    flaviud Guest
    a working fix for dead space 3.55 if it's possible. any version would do just fine

  10. #7580
    lionjim Guest
    Burger Times PSN for 3.55

    link: http://www.putlocker.com/file/D99B339EE4927E6C

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