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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrial View Post
    Fist Of The North Star Kens Rage 2

    Has anybody tested the fix yet? Don't want to download 8.5GB on a game if it doesn't work.
    Azrial I haven't tested it yet waiting for jgduff to upload the fix for CFW 3.55 for FOTNSKR 2 and i will tested. Working or not will update the status.

    jgduff can you pass me the link to download the Kens Rage 2.


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    Thanks jgduff you saved a lot of space in my HDD, sly cooper worked like a charm from external.


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    Fist of the North Star Kens Rage 2 fix is working on CFW 3.55, but the problem is can not save.

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    The same problem AGAIN?!?!

    No problem msam17!
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    Can't save on FotNS2 and Dead Space 3, damn these sneaky developers and their cunning security!

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    To kombat75 Fist Of The North Star Kens Rage 2 : http://www.putlocker.com/file/61EC9B7F8E6CBA84

    Same link as in the previous page. I don't have the game! I'm not in position to tested it! Try it and prey! That it!

    But i think you can not save game progress ! Azrial say it and lionjim to!
    Last edited by jgduff; 02-06-2013 at 08:36 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    To jgduff : Can you upload again the Fist of Rage 2 to different server.

    As putLocker.com site i seem to having problem downloading the files.


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    I have the solution for Dead Space 3!

    Download the PSN version : http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...084&country=us

    This! Is the .RAP file : http://www.putlocker.com/file/2C86DC9AB7961CA0

    Re-sign it to 3.55 with easy tool GUI example : DarkEboot or other
    Install the game in your PS3

    US Online Pass for Dead Space 3 US Version : http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...GvDMTwRpAB.pkg

    and the .RAP file for online pass: http://www.mediafire.com/?r222ebn1sdj3h3g

    Is complete now!

    The save problem 100% corrected. Try it and repost your comment for others users!

    Thank to DarkStalker for the upload.

    To Kombat75: That it's the new link only for you because Putlocker link work perfectly for me!

    The link now for Fist Of The North Star Kens Rage 2 : http://www.jheberg.net/captcha/YDlFM...2-3-55-fix-zip

    Have a nice day with Dead Space 3 PSN version!
    Last edited by jgduff; 02-06-2013 at 09:17 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Link Fist Of The North Star Kens Rage 2 fix for CFW 3.55



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