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    to jgduff : sorry i don't mean to push anything to you. I just pointed Chrelin to your post so he/she can try propJOE fix

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    Aug 2012
    i can't get dead space 3 to see the saves. i've tried everything. even the last fix, delete the game, install again. i'm on 3.55 rogero. any ideea? somebody managed to get this to work? thx

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    Jan 2013
    Can anyone upload Need for Speed - Most Wanted (BLUS31010) 1.02 Update Fix & DLCs for CFW3.55?

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    abankmino did you personally try it?

    Well I tried it - the updated new fix you directed me to in post #7527. Just as others have said, it autosaves, but once you exit the game, it does not recognize your previous saves... hence still doesnt work.

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    flaviud i'm having same problem as you, NO FIX seems to make dead space 3 work properly on 3.55 yet. I am very much considering 4.30 rogero since it seems easy to upgrade to that and i think all my games or most will still work.

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    Aug 2012
    thx for the answer man

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    Here's my gift to everyone, Dead Space 3 US PSN version with .RAP

    gacek i got need for speed fix and dlc i'm waiting on permission from the uploader then i will upload it

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    Fist Of The North Star Kens Rage 2

    Quote Originally Posted by jgduff View Post
    To kombat75: I don't have this game but i have a fix for CFW3.55 not tested for BLES01801
    Has anybody tested the fix yet? Don't want to download 8.5GB on a game if it doesn't work.

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    To abankmino thanks

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    nice, good work

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