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  1. #7531
    frankrad Guest
    thank you

  2. #7532
    flaviud Guest
    the autosave for dead space 3 is working but when i exit the game starts from the beginning. the save exists but the game doesn't see it. any idea why? anybody got the same problem? thx

  3. #7533
    mcwan Guest
    same problem as faviud i cannot find any 3.55 fix which works properly. One fix does not allow saving at all, another allows saving but next time you play the game it will not find any savegames. Anybody without this problem?

    could it be because i first used one fix, which is not a pkg but files i replace. Then it couldn't save. Then i took the pkg file and installed that while having the old fix still there. Is that a problem?

  4. #7534
    jgduff Guest
    mcwan restart the method whit a clean backup and launch fix in install package menu, that it. The last fix ii post work perfectly, check your configuration.

  5. #7535
    emerk Guest
    Hi guys.

    Does anybody have the 3.55 fix for Samurai Shodown 1 & 2, also known as Samurai Spirits1 & 2 (NPJJ00049)?

    I have the game but I can't find the fix.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. #7536
    kombat75 Guest
    To jgduff,

    d'ont forget Fist.Of.The.North.Star.Kens.Rage.2 if you happen to have it the FIX pls upload too..


  7. #7537
    msam17 Guest
    I can confirm that Sly Cooper works fine from Internal 3.55CFW. I tried the PS3split method for the big file from external but it did not work.

    Thanks jgduff

  8. #7538
    Chrelin Guest
    I tried both, they dont work. With the first fix, the game doesn't start at all.

    with the second fix, the game start and saves but doesn't recognize your previous save after exiting the game.

  9. #7539
    abankmino Guest
    jgduff updated new fix in post #7527

  10. #7540
    jgduff Guest
    To kombat75: I don't have this game but i have a fix for CFW3.55 not tested for BLES01801: http://www.putlocker.com/file/61EC9B7F8E6CBA84

    To msam17: Sly Cooper have a big file..yes! But it's a .psarc file!!! Download Ps3 Tool v2.0.62 by Aldo and extract all files with Psarc extractor in the Ps3 Tool "Utilities" , replace the files in USDIR and after you can play in EXTERNE USB FAT That it ! Have a nice day!

    To anybody: By the way, i finally fixed Just Dance 4 with Gam nam... DLC for my CFW3.55... Thank for all yours "No response" !

    To abankmino: I try it but don't push me, it's not my work! I try to fix the game same as all other guys who know the method! Be patient please!

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