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  1. #7501
    DEUSC2D Guest
    BLES01698 DmC 3.55 FIX EXEtrimALL [FiX 3.41/3.55]


  2. #7502
    msam17 Guest
    Hi, I managed to get the ssx easy fix below is the details.Tested working on my PS3 CFW 3.55.

    1. Copy an untouched SSX USA PS3 game and place it inside your external / internal (PS3) hdd.
    2. Install the SSX USA Easy Fix v103.pkg.
    3. Load and run the game with multiman no BD mirror, disc in place.
    4. Enjoy!

    Easy Fix: http://mir.cr/0PCWO4Q2
    Original Eboot: http://mir.cr/07CU9UGQ
    Original Param:http://mir.cr/UTJJBMEO


  3. #7503
    kombat75 Guest
    Hi Guys,

    Checked and didn't see the Hitman HD Trilogy Eboot for the version 3.55 only for 4.21 Rex.

    Anyone did have the Eboot or param.sfo for the Hitman HD Trilogy 3.55 version?


  4. #7504
    imranulferdoues Guest
    Plz guys reupload Double Dragon Neon & Unfinished Swan fix .edat file for cfw4.30, all file hosting site deleted the fix... T_T

  5. #7505
    Zer0z Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DEUSC2D View Post
    BLES01698 DmC 3.55 FIX EXEtrimALL [FiX 3.41/3.55]
    Thanks DEUSC2D, this game is still a no go for me on CFW 3.55 Kemeaw. I tried two different back ups, four different fixes and all I get is Capcom and Ninja splash screen and then goes black and crashes. I tried internal/External, BD Mirror, and Start+X in MM and still nothing this game looks good but I don't think I will ever get it to work.

  6. #7506
    atinder Guest
    Don't you mean select+x? Anyways if you kept the original param.sfo, check if it's the eur or us version. Because I'm not certain, but I think there's only a EUR fix available. Also, are you using the DUPLEX release? That's the one I used with the Extrimall fix. And it works perfectly.

  7. #7507
    Zer0z Guest
    Thanks for the help atinder, I am using the DUPLEX release I did not check the param.sfo though I am new at this would I view it using notepad or a hex viewer? What am I looking for when I take a look.

    thanks again!

  8. #7508
    alwayshungry Guest
    Has anyone got a working Mushroom Wars fix for 4.31.1 Rebug? $ony link: http://zeus.dl.playstation.net/cdn/U...084&country=us

    Can find a working fix. Sucks!

  9. #7509
    Azrial Guest
    Is it possible for somebody to upload the WWE 13 All PS3 DLC Unlocker again, as the links appear to be dead. Mucho Thankies in advance.

  10. #7510
    Daprince Guest
    Any 3.55 fix for Madden NFL 13 Bles 1.04 update?

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