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  1. #7471
    dinzy Guest
    Is there a 3.55 fix for Ni No Kuni? There is a torrent on kat now btw. 20 gb. Next gen will be amusing

  2. #7472
    hayman Guest
    sorry for asking a lot is there any links for mad dog mccree ?

  3. #7473
    Azrial Guest
    I've seen the game on torrent sites, so it is available, all CFW's as well, also Arkedo Series - 01 Jump! and The Cave, again for all CFW's, give it a short time, and it'll appear.

  4. #7474
    msam17 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    Ok seriously its kind of annoying seeing message after message of everyone not being able to get this SSX to work everyone is replacing files and what not here is step by step a 100% sure fire way to get SSX (us) version working.
    Hi babyjoe, The mediafire link is not working, is there any other link for your files to get ssx working.


  5. #7475
    drakulae Guest

    Cool 3.55 FIX - NPUB30676 - The Cave

    Well i just cooked a 3.55 Fix for NPUB30676 - The Cave


    Working in 3.55 kmeaw. Replace (or backup) param.sfo and eboot.bin at: dev_hdd0/game/NPUB30676

    Enjoy and give some feedback! Let's see if i go back to 1987 and get a Maniac Mansion feeling!

  6. #7476
    babyjoe00069 Guest
    i'll create another account and reupp the files for you bud account was suspended.

  7. #7477
    StanSmith Guest
    I just patched Hitman HD Trilogy BLES01517. Its patched for 4.21 but it should work for all CFWs.


    Its tested and working in 4.21.2REX but it was made with 3.55 patches so it should work in 3.55 CFW as long as the game lets it. The patch is a 3.55 patch.

  8. #7478
    Azrial Guest
    Downloading the game now, I'll let you know if 3.55 is OK, after I patch it and FTP it across.

  9. #7479
    StanSmith Guest
    ok cool. I've had problems in the past with my patches not working in 3.55 but this was made with 3.55 programs.

    Thing I dont like is this game is missing the first one. This is Hitman 2, 3 and 4. its missing 1.

  10. #7480
    Azrial Guest
    Dammit, wish I'd waited an extra couple of days now, as I bought it off PSN on Wednesday, great game though.

    Yeah I noticed that, and Hitman 4 I already have on the 360, still, can't complain for free games.

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