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    VIP Member pspfrank4U's Avatar
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    It was late i had to be at work early didn't have time to upload it !!!

    Just glad to help

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    it don't work as well as u say it still crashing the ps3

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    I have read reports of the fix from opoisso working well... can your Rip be the problem?... You are on 4.30, right? ... which one?... and what's the ID of your rip?
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    id of my rip

    id of my RIP BLES01698 , the game works but it crash some point in the game

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    To runtimmy... are you sure that you put the NTJOBCODE.PPU in right place?? My DMC freesed first, then I checked the ppu file place. I remove all game save data and that other game info place in games column.... and start again. DMC will install files, now its working for me... I'm on 3.55.
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    can anyone help me with ufc undisputed 3? i switched the eboot and param.sfo and i launch the game but when it starts to install the game data it says: Confirmation Game data Creation failed. and i go and check on game utility and the size is 1 kb. I'll take any suggestions please. thanks

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    Confused Why is this happening with DMC?

    I just downloaded the DMC duplex and got the patch, I extracted the file, then replaced the .SPRX file and tried to run the game. The game prompted me to install software 4.31 or else i would get some 8000001 error. This happened in FIFA too, that time, I clicked yes and the game ran perfectly.

    This time, it asked again, and when I pushed yes, the system resets asking me to push the PS button, and saying something like the update is not available or something and I can either push the PS button to restart, or push START+SELECT after inserting an external drive with the needed software. Every time I try to run the game the same thing happens...

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    Use latest multiman..

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    Because the PARAM.SFO says you need 4.31. so you have 3 options.

    1. Edit the PARAM.SFO to your FW version with one of the available programs or use a hexeditor or notepad++
    2. Grab the PARAM.SFO from the 3.55 fix for DMC.
    3. use the latest multiman. it will patch the file for you.
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    Only problem I'm getting with DmC is that I'm unlocking trophies, but when I sync my PS3, they aren't showing up, I guess that's just part of the 3.55 fix, other than that, the game works and plays great.


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