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    Every time I go play DmC is says, the save data is corrupt, please delete and try again. So I when and deleted the save date, but when I go back into the game it says the same thing and won't let me play. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Please can any one upload us version nascar unleashed?

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    For those having problems playing dmc get duplex release and get devil may cry bles01698 retail fix by opoisso893 and put any game
    in your system and load dmc through multiman let install updates then play the game


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    Jul 2012
    To all DMC fan... BLES01698 Retail fix by opoisso893 (11.162 MB)


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    my playstation all -stars game has 22,000 files, how can i rip the languages.. i tried to delete all foriegn languages folder like de, spa, jap, pol except for the EN folder but when i test the game.. the game crashes.

    the game is less than 6gb but it takes more than an hour to transfer.

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    there was a program called ps3 ripper i think that can take out unnecessary files etc

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    Unhappy DMC

    it's true what you say about DMC thanks

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    Any fixes for okami hd about yet, Ive been searching but no joy

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    here you go guys... devil may cry fix by opoisso893

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