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  1. #7391
    hahns7 Guest
    what's the latest update for WWE 13'?


  2. #7392
    runtimmy Guest
    the Devil may Cry Patch for CFW 4.30 is not working at all it keeps on crashing the ps3

  3. #7393
    2424marco Guest


    Hello guys I decide to give you a special gift for all members and users

    Release today for all BLES region of BLACK OPS 2 the

    SeasonPass of download in your cfw from SEN (or PSN) all maps totally FREE

    or activate with rap file...

    Mini Tutorial

    1-Open the rar file in your desktop. After with Ftp copy\paste in your Ps3 jb the EDAT folder for your region (dev_hdd0\game\BLESxxxxx) and overwrite.

    2-Put the rap file (for your region) can you find under rap folder in usb stick. In the root of usb created a folder rename "exdata" and put inside rap file. Insert the usb on Ps3 jb and create new account with name "aa". After run ReActPsn (i'm using v2.23 for Rebug 4.21.2) and BAMMMMM!!! Your Pass is activated!!!

    Inside the pack you can find the rap file for Nuketown Zombie (only for BLES01718 Sorry!!!)

    P.s.: With activation maps you can play online legitimate!!!!!!


    Credits: Xx-GIPPI-xX

    I hope that you UNDERSTAND my mood... Thanks to all!!!!



    Source: nextgenupdate.com/forums/call-duty-black-ops-2-mods-cheats-guides/622757-ps3-release-season-pass-black-ops-2-all-bles-region.html

  4. #7394
    cucu21 Guest
    worked for me make sure you have new multiman.

    Also from opoisso893:

    Anarchy Reigns - BLES01232 - Retail Fix

    Internal only.

  5. #7395
    multinet222 Guest
    Hi I'm newbie in this forum , can anyone help me to link for driver san francisco cfw 3.55 fix eboot , because my data is lose, please help me thx

  6. #7396
    draze123 Guest
    Can anyone plz upload the wwe 13 1.01 update fix for 3.55 plz?

  7. #7397
    AwakeBR Guest
    Is your MultiMAN updated?

  8. #7398
    shayansssq Guest
    guys plz help! the fix doesn't work for me! (multiman 4.18.03 and rogero 2.05) first i didn't know that i need fix i upload it to ps3 with filezilla and multiman did something with the eboot in 4.31 error need too be fixed!!) it did and it freezed in black screen before anything!

    i found a fix (named fix from duplex with eboot and sprx file it didn't work when i replaced the fix eboot i lost the orig eboot can anyone upload an original eboot for me??)! now i don't know what to do! when i replaced this sprx file it didn't work too! it just freezes in black screen! anything??

  9. #7399
    hayman Guest
    hallo i have cfw 4.30 i've install the house of the dead, but can't install the fix? is there any way i can play the game couse it's asked me to sign into ps store. please help

  10. #7400
    manolitorr Guest
    anybody fix f1 race stars for 3.55 users?

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