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  1. #7341
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    It was cracked by Exetrimall.

  2. #7342
    gunth17 Guest
    hilongo: I get it from a uploader. I personally request it because the fix and the game are together in one link but I already have the pkg game so i ask him if he can upload the fix only so he give me the putlocker link

    PS3GAMER20111: thats strange in his post it says it released by propJOE

    so can you give me a fix link?

  3. #7343
    thx for the soul calibur 5 dlc ^ ^.

    but uploaded always failed me, can someone upload it somewhere else? thx before

  4. #7344
    Daprince Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pedromaiaz View Post
    A new fix for having lots of fun in Xristmas, not a new game but i made a proper fix for BLUS30697 Michael Jackson - The Experience it was a pain to install till now.
    So i copy this game to internal, replace the original files with the fixed files, press [_] and make sure internal and bdmirror is colored in? Then i play?

    Awesome since there's a fix for Ratchet & Clank BCES01594 is there a fix For Full Frontal?

  5. #7345
    OseM Guest
    Try this: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id...04d3060a44d300

    Ratchet.And.Clank.Qforce.EBOOT.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX.rar (15.761 MB)

  6. #7346
    slick1109 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3JB View Post
    Little Big Planet 2-BCES00850.Patch.v1.01-v1.09.Install.and.Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB
    Any Chance you (or anyone) can re-upload these links. In fact, LBP2 BCES00850 is now up to v1.20 so if there is a more recent update 3.55 fix that would be great too.

    I attempted to fix it on my own but came across two problems:

    #1 - When using PKG Toolkit GUI 1.50 to re-build the 1.20 package, it did NOT include the CrossDirectional update folder in the new package.

    #2 - Each recent update I checked contained a "patch.edat" file that is not patchable with the current publicly available tools.

    So whatever the most recent 3.55 fixed update is available, please re-upload it.



  7. #7347
    sonkaaron Guest
    guys i have 3.55 cfw, and the us version of soul calibur 5, after i install update 1.03 or complete dlc pack by duplex the game won't start cause it says unsupported data and the icon is a question mark.

    The param.sfo is causing the problem. I opened the param.sfo in hex wiever and it says game version is european (01250). But the param.sfo in the dlc pack is us version, how can i make the game working?

  8. #7348
    hilongo Guest
    sonkaaron .. There are tools to edit the param.sfo in a PC with Windows ... so you can try to open the one of the DLC and change it to meet your Region..

    here is a link to the editor: aldostools.org/ps3tools.zip

  9. #7349
    slick1109 Guest
    Nevermind, I got 1.17 and 1.18 working, although I am still having problems with 1.20. Its the 1GB update with the CrossDirectional Controller patch as well, so its a pain to work with, but I should hopefully be able to get it soon. Apparently the patch.edat files are not signed so they are not a problem (at least up till 1.18).

    Is there a package decrypter / rebuilder that will package anything I want as apposed to just looking for certain files in specific locations? I am asking because PKG Toolkit GUI 1.50 simply looks for the param.sfo, icon, USRDIR folder and trophy folder and seems to ignore everything else (like the uncommon CrossDirectional update folder in the LBP2 1.20 update).


  10. #7350
    sonkaaron Guest
    thanks, dled the us version cause this dlc works only with us, i changed the param.sfo to 01250 version (european) but it still gave me corrupted data, any idea how should i install the dlc or get it working? so the problem isn't with the region

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